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It's a shoe revival. A shoe renaissance. A new age. Our feet are ruling the fashion world right now. Because we grew tired of hurting. And limping. And wearing ugly comfort shoes.

Fashion sneakers

Block heels, loafers, mules and fashion sneakers have replaced kitten heels, ballet flats, and the ugly rubber-soled "comfort" shoes.

Hands up!

But don't you know there are new rules to follow when wearing these predominantly more bulky shoes than we've been wearing in the past. (For all the best pumps and flats that make up a classic shoe wardrobe, complete with the never-going-away nude pump, check out this list.) This new-found comfort is great news for our feet! But the margin of error when wearing them incorrectly is pretty big. As promised, here are the clear instructions on how to wear sneakers (and the first point is that they are fashion sneakers).

Athleisure is taking over the world.

But it could be worse. Sneakers have become so, so cute! And I am reeeaaallly into sneakadrilles, which are espadrille sneakers. I started finding and wearing them last summer and knew it was a "thing."

espadrille sneakers and chinos


espadrille sneakers

What in the world are you going to be wearing with your fashion sneakers?

patio pants

Cropped pants or jeans. Because we have to see some of your ankles when you are wearing a shoe with a high vamp like a sneaker. Ankle pants look good too. What's the difference? I explain that here for you dolls. (Here's a less expensive pair of cropped jeans.)


sneaker espadrilles

Midi dresses and skirts. Midi because the length can't be any longer than your kneecaps, or you'll look bottom-heavy.

And that's the big point here. The rest of your outfit has to be kind of light and airy when you're wearing a heavy sneaker or espadrille, or loafer or clogs.


Clogs have a high vamp, too, so you've got to show some ankle when wearing them. (I love these).

These wedges are another great option - they come on a pretty nude, too!

Below are a few more spring/summer shoes I'm loving, including my pink espadrille sneakers!


vintage Gucci loafers

How bout these vintage Gucci loafers I bought the year I lived in London? I love them and they are uber comfortable, but boy is that a square toe box. (Even the new ones are boxy.) So if I'm going to wear them, ankle pants are a must. And the rest of my outfit has to be hip. You can't pull out an old pair of loafers and think you look cool wearing them with your mom jeans. (These loafers I especially like; they are more "today" but still feel like a classic. The putty color would look so good with white jeans.)

1 vintage piece + another piece you wore with it at the time = old-fashioned in the worst way

1 vintage piece + 1 current piece = cool

For that classic spring shoe wardrobe, take a look here. (Insiders, be sure to check out all the new spring shoes inside the February Must-Haves vault. Lots of fabulous finds! And have you seen this video where I show you which shoe shapes are the most flattering? My Gucci loafers make a cameo ;))

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