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I keep hearing tales from the 'burbs about moms showing up to school socials like "Parents Open House" and "Meet The Teachers" in YOGA PANTS. Excuse me? This takes casual to a whole new level. How are our children ever going to learn how to wear real clothes?

I'm seriously concerned there are some life lessons being missed as kids are surrounded by people in skintight clothing all around them. There's a whole generation of little ones growing up eye level with camel toes and  butt cheeks cupped inside spandex. Image by TheWile.

Here's my suggestion for where and when to wear your yoga pants, and how to look good in them. And while we're at it, some life lessons on how to keep your yoga pants and workout wear looking good and proper and as close to respectable clothing as possible.

So, if you want to look good in yoga pants, here are my suggestions, ok my rules.

1. Wear yoga pants to the gym. And hospitals.

I found that yoga pants were quite comfortable going to and from surgeries, and really great for convalescing at home. AT HOME. Occasionally I got caught in them going to the doctor or to get my hair washed, but always with my fanny covered.

Yoga Pants

I'm a big believer in hiding the cheeks in public. It's a public duty. In the heat of the summer, I grab a thin, long sleeve t-shirt and wrap it around my waist. In the winter, I use a thicker sweatshirt. You'll see me doing this to and from the car, and even walking around the Y.

Yoga Pants

I like a yoga pant that looks good. You know what doesn't good? Capri yoga pants. Eww. So go either bootcut or ankle length and skinny. My best yoga pants we've been buying our clients for years, and that I wear, are below. And they don't cost a fortune! 

Work-out Wear

Here are my skinny workout pants. Because they are skinny, I wear a looser t-shirt over a sports bra. And my pink tennies. Duh. Did you know you can wash your athletic shoes? Listen up cause we're gonna tell you how.

Workout Wear

I also love these racer-back tanks that are a little looser around the waist. They keep your fanny from being on display to every living creature around you, including all those children at eye level with your cheeks. Spare them, please. (Shop my racer-back tanks in the Vault.) To preserve the moisture wicking properties of your workout wear, and their color and all those performance aspects you pay big money for, you have got to use the right detergent. More on that in a minute. Vault members are saving big this month on this magical detergent by the way. 

Workout Wear

If it's just too hot to wrap my entire legs in spandex, out come my tennis skirts. How perfect are these for the gym!? Cooler and family-friendly!

Tennis Skirts aka Skorts

I started teaching myself how to play tennis two summers ago and discovered my love for the tennis skirt and skort. And then I carried them over into the gym where I row. Genius, if I do say so myself. So much better than skintight spandex and butt-cupping and all that ridiculousness. Shop my favorite skorts and racer-back tanks below.

2. Treat your yoga pants with respect and wash them correctly.

They need to look good. I know a lot of you spend real money on yoga pants and workout wear. Because you wear them as your street clothes, I am really insistent that you take care of them properly so they look good, mkay cupcakes?

I asked the queen of laundry, Deena Drummond of Roux Maison, to answer our questions about caring for workout wear. She's kind of a big deal. Deena is nationally known for her safe products that work (you do know your grocery store laundry detergent and dry cleaning is killing you, right?). Her detergent has been referred to as eco-chic by such publications as House Beautiful, Cosmo, Lucky and Marie Claire.  Her stain remover, which you all have heard me rave about is magic science. Deena only uses all-natural ingredients that won't destroy your clothes. That don't kill you. That actually work. Not like that gross toothpaste and deodorant you bought that, even though they were natural, were terrible.

Meet Deena.

Caring For Your Workout Wear

Deena is also an attorney. She's so smart. I can't wait for you to meet her. Vault members, don't forget to place your orders before August 31, 2015 to save 15%!

How do I keep workout wear smelling fresh?

Caring For Your Workout Wear

Pile o' lycra. Stinky, stinky.

Deena says,

There are usually a couple of reasons for residual smelliness in your workout wear. The bacteria that gets embedded in the fabrics when you sweat will proliferate when you leave your clothes wet and they don’t dry off. This means do not dump your sweaty clothes in your gym bag or in your hamper. They can’t dry quickly in a wet pile and will just get more stinky. Let them dry on the side of your tub or anywhere and wait to stuff them in your hamper until they are dry. Pre-soaking your clothes in vinegar and water can be hugely helpful, as can adding a couple of ounces of vinegar to your rinse cycle.

How do I make my workout wear last?

Caring For Your Workout Wear

See that? It's a ripped seam right where you don't want it, in the crotch. How often have you had to throw out your yoga pants because the seams ripped or shredded?

Deena says,

This is definitely one of our most common questions. The way you care for your clothes can make all the difference as to how long they will last and how well they will hold up to all of the use and wear they get.  Specialized technical and performance fabrics can last and keep performing well for years if you care for them correctly. For starters, never use fabric softener or dryer sheets.  Ever. On anything. Look at that photo again of the torn-up seams on these yoga pants. This fraying and shredding comes from chemical residue that remains on your fabrics. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets leave this residue. Anytime you smell those fragrances on your fabrics, you are smelling chemicals and they are eating up your clothes. If you follow our simple washing instructions and use Roux Maison Stain Remover and Roux Maison Sport Detergent, your workout clothes will last and last! (Wait! If you're a Vault member, go to the August Vault to get your 15% code.)

What’s the best way to wash workout clothes?

Caring For Workout Wear

See that stain? It's deodorant. Be sure to treat all stains like this and sweat before washing.

Caring For Your Workout Wear

It just takes a drop. Rub in the Stain Remover just a bit and then wash inside out, and I like to hang to dry.

Deena says,

Don’t overstuff your machine. Turn your clothes inside out. And pre-treat all stains and deodorant splotches with Roux Maison Stain Remover. Wash on warm water with Roux Maison Sport Detergent. Either air dry or dry on your lowest heat setting. Use white vinegar to either pre-treat really stinky clothes or add a couple of ounces of white vinegar to your rinse cycle as needed.

How do I wash my athletic shoes?


Deena says,

The best way to wash these is by spot treating them. Old toothbrushes are the perfect way to do this. Just get your toothbrush wet and squirt a little Roux Maison Stain Remover on the spots you want to clean and brush away. You can also hand wash your shoes with Roux Maison Essential Detergent. You really want to be careful and avoid machine washing and drying your shoes. The washing machine can take off the glue that holds your shoes together, and the dryer can melt it. Any high-tech shoes need to be kept out of the machine and dryer as well.

Thank you Deena! (Deena even took care of some of my problematic laundry the other day - love her!).

And, dolls, you're welcome. For giving you a yoga pants post. My back-to-school gift as long as you wear them PROPERLY. Speaking of back to school, we have some great fall fashion coming your way very soon! Yippeeee!

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Thanks for reading and all the best,


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