Tina, here.

Happy New Year to you! January is a time to rethink all your decisions. To ask yourself, am I who I want to be? Have I been reading up enough on current events? What would my parents really think of my life? And why do I keep wearing clothes I hate? ...Those black clodhoppers you keep going to because they're comfortable. The sweater coat that now looks like a robe. Your husband's old college sweatshirt. That turns you into the Michelin Man. These are all guilty of being cozy and warm comfort clothes, the equivalent of diving into some mac and cheese on a snowy Tuesday. But most of your comfort clothes are ugly. Sorry. Do you want this kind of bad mojo in your life? Nuh-uh. We're hitting the reset button on your comfort clothes, your daily winter uniform.

But, dolls. You know I adore you. I am not about to put you in pencil skirts and heels. Or pretentious silk dresses. In wintertime, we all just want to wear our PJ's all day! So here are your comfort clothes alternatives, your January Must-Haves.

January's Five Must-Haves

1. An oversized, cozy sweater


The epitome of hot cocoa by the fireplace.


Fashion alert: there's a shift, a major shift, in how clothes are going to look and fit this season and in spring. Proportions are changing, and it's a scary place to be if you don't get this right. We'll be spending a bit more time on this. Take a look at Barbara's sweater collection, for some dressier sweaters, too.

2. Comfy and warm water-repellant boots (notice I didn't say rain boots)


In most places, winter is a time of snow and ice, or at the very least, dampness and rain. I just don't like my spring rain boots in winter. Mainly because I never find the rubber to be very warm. Don't be like Deidre, who last winter was caught in the biggest snowstorm Nashville had seen in years and years, without boots. And she's from Michigan. I have a few pairs ha. Be like a boy scout and get yourself some warm water-repellant boots before you need them. (Insiders, you can shop all my must-haves, and the outfits I put with them, in the all new Vault collection. And Complete Insiders, you're getting an extra Winter Wardrobe Capsule with tons of new winter outfits to buy now, and I've shown you how to wear them into spring, too.)


3. Wintry textures


Because I wear a lot of neutrals (see below), I am drawn to texture for interest. And texture layered upon texture is divine in winter. It can feel too heavy during the summer months. In colder months, you spend so much time covered up by your coat, that when you take it off inside, you can surprise everyone with a shock of texture and fabrics. Velvet and satin (on my jacket above). Leather and lace. Corduroy and flannel. Mix it up.

4. Winter whites (hello have we met?)


I love all white in the summer, but all white in the winter is just, well, yummy. Comforting. Soothing. More ways to wear winter white coming this month. Because, of course.

5. A vintage piece of jewelry


As I look forward to the new year with new goals, dreams, plans and adventures, I also feel a bit nostalgic and go back to some things precious to me from the past. Jewelry is so tied to emotions and memories because we wear it on special occasions, mark special moments with it, and pass it down through the family. This was a watch of my grandmother's. Not too valuable, but I've started wearing it again because I see her wrist when I look at mine and feel connected to her. Grab some of your old, inherited jewelry, even if it's costume, and start wearing it again.

Insiders, don't forget you can shop these must-haves and the outfits I put together for January in the newest Vault!

As you face a new year (and aren't we all blessed to have this gift), don't forget to look back on where you've come from, and may I wish you a very Happy New Year.