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Our contributors are every shape and size (and age!), and so we are very keen to include options that reach a wide range of sizes and fit issues. You can search in the Nothing Fits category and under the tags, Tall, Petite, 16 +, etc.

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Some do, and some do not. It is best to check each retailer’s shipping and return policies before placing your order.

Wardrobe Consulting Services

We evaluate every piece of your current season’s wardrobe, advise on what needs to be purged, reinvent pieces you already own, and assess your needs going forward. We are getting to know you so that we can identify your personal style. If you live outside the Nashville area, we can do this consult via skype and phone.
Working with the current season and depending on the size of your wardrobe, we usually need about one hour.  If we are doing your Closet Review via Skype or phone, it may take place over a series of conversations, totaling about one hour.
For the busy mom and professional who find it hard to shop but want to achieve the right style, let us shop for you! We do the legwork of pre-shopping for you for about 2 hours, saving you time because we have culled the stores for what you need, keeping in mind what you already own. We know who has what in most stores at all times, and who has the best deals, so we know right where to go for you. When you join us for the shopping session, all the items are ready in a fitting room. We will only need you to join us for 1-2 hours of shopping to ensure fit and personal style preferences.
This varies from client to client. We work with every budget and our clients interests are always served first.  In fact, we pass our discounts along to you, giving you access to private discounts at the best national retailers and small boutiques alike. Our first priority is delivering results that are best for you, your lifestyle and budget. Any purchases made are solely your responsibility and are paid for separately by you directly to the retailers.
Never wonder what you should wear again. Using one of our mannequins, we’ll create every possible combination from your existing wardrobe and incorporate the new pieces we have added. You’ll receive an online Style Book, your very own virtual closet and a great reference tool for you. This session usually takes one hour.
This is the online photo album that contains all the photos we take during the Style Session – your personal look book with every combination from your wardrobe for every possible occasion. The Style Book is an easy reference that takes all the guesswork and angst out of knowing what to wear when!
Yes, you are saving! Our clients consistently tell us they are amazed how much time and money they are saving – fewer mistake purchases, less shopping in general, more confidence to wear what they have. Our philosophy results in a lifestyle change for many. You’ll see you really are buying less and buying smarter! Another great advantage to shopping with us are the special discounts and early access to sales several retailers exclusively give our clients.
You can always request more time as needed with your Stylist.  Our hourly rate is $150, with a 2 hour minimum.
We have stylists in the Nashville area and will travel outside a 30 mile radius for an additional fee to cover mileage and expenses. We can also use Skype and other tools to serve you, however we prefer to shop in Nashville so you can participate in our in-store discounts. We offer a fantastic Girls Shopping Trip in Nashville if you’d like to make the trip here and take advantage of our stylists’ personal help and attention with your wardrobe.