Tina, here.

We've all done it, gone a little lax on the rules.  Worn something we shouldn't have.  It happens.  But I'm here to lay down the law so you NEVER commit these fashion mistakes that are aging you.  You'll thank me eventually.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

sidenote: Before you get all "she's so skinny, she could wear a sack, etc etc," ...take a look at these pics and you'll see it's all in how I choose the right clothes and silhouettes for my body type, not in how thin or not thin I am. Mkay cupcakes? Thanks.

1. Wearing man pants.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

That is me. For real. That's what I look like when I dress like so many style-abusers do, you know, the ones who just don't care anymore. Terrible. Now if you just don't know any better, then this will be enlightening.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

Front view not much better. Khakis are awful. They are man pants. They make you look like a man. A tapered khaki is just as bad. It's not the new way to wear khakis. And by "khaki," I am mostly referring to the color of day-old oatmeal with spoiled milk. But it's the fabric, too, when it's more worker-pant than fashion-pant.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

This is what pants should look like - like you have a shape. Men's pants don't show off their bum. When they do we all say "ewww." But women's pants should have some shape back there. No cupping. Just skimming. (Um, this may be TMI, but that's not my panty line you're seeing; I obviously didn't straighten these before the picture.)

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

Front view - the color of these pants I would call dark ivory. They have more yellow in them than brown. Which makes them tons better than gross man-khakis.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

Look at this! You'd never know I had my figure if I wore pants that don't fit, or that fit like men's pants. The whole loose, rumpled khaki thing makes me look wider, shorter and sloppy.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

This should really make you laugh. Happy to provide you with this comic relief.

2.  Wearing an outdated trend or a trend reserved for the younger set.

Sooooo aging.  In fact, this faux pas may be the worst one we see.  Examples of outdated trends you can purge right this minute are: capris (I never miss a chance to throw that one in), long skirts that aren't maxi skirts (there's a difference), extreme platform heels (not normal platforms), and trends that are too young for you (sorry): graphic t's (t-shirts with messages on them), leggings under dresses, ankle boots with too-short skirts, ...shall I go on?

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

Not only is the footless legging an outdated trend, but the dress is a sack.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

Instant update. Pull yourself in at the middle even if you don't have a waist - that's when you wear your belt low-slung around your hips (not at the waist). Does that make your dress too short, now? Your solution is opaque tights.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

I know you love wearing leggings under tunics and dresses. Stop. It just makes no sense. I know you're trying to cover your legs or knees and stay warm when you want to wear something shorter. But you know what they make for that quandary? TIGHTS. Leggings are not pants and never will be; and leggings aren't meant to be worn under dresses. Leggings should be banned for good. But tights, now tights are great.

3. Wearing boxy sweaters makes you look like a box.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

Sloppy dressing makes you look older because you look like you don't care.  And how many of you still believe that hiding in big clothes makes you look smaller? I promise, it doesn't. Your clothes can give you the shape you weren't born with or have lost. It takes some know-how, and that's where we come in, to know if you need a longer sweater that hits you under the bum, or a little longer, or which type of pant you should wear (ankle, boot, wide) or where a sleeve should fall on your arm. It's in the millimeters. ps I actually love my big black sweater, but I wear it with skinny pants to counter-balance the fullness.

4. Wearing ugly shoes.

I didn't say you have to wear uncomfortable shoes, but ugly shoes are not allowed.

4 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You

These are ugly shoes. You know what people call these (not saying I approve)? Old lady shoes.


A shoe with a low vamp (right) is leg-lengthening, while a shoe that hides the top of your foot cuts off the leg, makes you appear shorter and makes ankles appear larger. That's the cold hard truth.

And let me say this - people are always worried they're going to run into me at the grocery store committing one of these crimes or others I'm known for being bossy about.  Wearing potato shoes, or yoga pants in public or your yard shoes.  First of all, I never go to the grocery store so you don't have to worry about getting handed a write-up from me!  But secondly, I do have spies. So really, it's better to stay on your guard at all times. And thirdly, I love you just the way you are, promise.

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