Tina, here.

**Another popular post we have received requests to re-publish, so here ya go! With updated links to shop our best picks for summer shorts!**

I have rediscovered shorts.

not a good shorts look

I mean, can't you see why? It's such a great look! KIDDING! This is an awful look, dolls. But one we see all too frequently.

Let's assess the shorts situation. It's hot and shorts are cooler than pants, and easier to practice archery in, do the zipline, and play kick the can in than dresses and skirts. Exactly. You're not a camper anymore. Or a camp counselor. And if you are a camp counselor, then you can wear whatever Athletic Shorts and sandals (I heart these Chaco's) you need to in order to stay alive out there in the wild. But for the rest of us city-dwellers, there are guidelines for wearing shorts, and they primarily have to do with our height and our age.

Summer Shorts: How long or short can you go?

10 inch inseam Bermuda Shorts

chambray shorts

The taller you are and the older you are, the longer your shorts can be. I'm 5'5 1/2" and these chambray shorts have a 10 inch inseam.


denim shorts

A wedge looks better with long shorts because when you're covering most of your legs, you're taking away some of your height. So you can add it back with wedges. Your shorts should NEVER EVER dip below the top of your kneecap. Because then they become evil capris. I've always loved these Lilly shorts.


denim shorts, bermuda shorts

A great length for women no longer wearing short-shorts, taller women, and also a good length for a dressy pair of shorts.

Look at these darling Crochet Embroidered Chambray Shorts!

5 inch inseam Shorts shorts

summer shorts

Now for a 5" inseam. I like both 7" and 5" for me. Again, if you're taller, you may want the 7" inseam.


5" inseam pink shorts

A great length for petite women and a good sporty length.


summer shorts and gingham top

When my shorts get shorter, my shoes get lower and my sleeves get longer. A good rule of thumb is to expose one area of skin and go for a bit more coverage everywhere else, so it's not so "in your face."


pink and gingham

I love a summer blouse untucked with shorts.

3 inch inseam short-shorts (yikes but these seersucker ones are darling!)

summer shorts

Eeeeek! Now we're getting kinda short. I actually feel like these 3" inseam are too short for me. They may kinda sorta work only because I have bird legs and they don't show too much from behind. But not sure I would make a habit of wearing these.

3" inseam toile shorts

They are pretty cute, though, right? I do draw the line at 3" inseams for all females, including sweet young thangs. Bums should be covered, don't you think?


summer shorts

Loose tops and long sleeves, and flats, are a must to counter the teeny shorts.


can your short-shorts be let out?

Aha! There's a hem that can be let out to drop the length of these teeny shorts! If you fall in love with a teeny pair of shorts (all the cute ones seem to be the shortest), check the inside hem to see if you can let it out and get more length. I've got a good 1 1/2" of extra length here!


Thanks for reading!