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Hang with me for a minute. You know the holidays are basically here. So why not embrace it instead of being a Scrooge about how the stores are full of Christmas decorations and Christmas music already? (I have The Nutcracker playing in the background at this moment.) It's a beautiful time of year, and why not extend it by about 2 weeks? So let's just go ahead and talk about our holiday style. Mkay cupcakes?

2019 Holiday Style - How To Reinvent Your Greatest Style Moments

One of my favorite things in life is to teach you how to create multiple outfits from a few key pieces, while popping in some fun accessories to make it all feel fresh and new every season. You don't need to buy all new outfits - please tell me you don't. Actually I know you probably don't because who has the time or wants to spend that kind of money on clothes when there is jewelry and Paris and Amy Grant Christmas Concert tickets you could buy? But, on the other hand, a couple new fun purchases make all your classics feel fresh and festive. Let's take a look at how you can use a few classics you probably already have in your closet (and if you need to update or replace, I've got suggestions), and transform them from "the usual holiday party ensemble" to "wow you look amazing!"

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You know I love velvet. It's comfortable, pretty and warm. But make sure you read this to know the do's and don'ts about buying and wearing velvet (and you'll see how I styled this dress for Fall, and now for the holidays - cost per wear!)

I took my velvet maxi dress (similar), cut on the bias, so it's ok, and traded the denim jacket, bandana and boots for a pashmina, sparkly jewelry and fancy pumps. Voila! Take what you have and reinvent it for multiple seasons and occasions. (more on that here)


Look how you can take a few basic wardrobe building blocks you probably already have in your closet (like a pashmina, a go-to pair of jeans, or even a favorite dress), and create new holiday outfits with just some little additions! This is just one of my favorite things in life to do. Here we go!

Dressy Holiday Party

My paisley velvet dress (similar) was great this Fall with boots and a denim jacket, but for the holidays, I'm adding sparkly jewelry and heels, with a pashmina. Perfect for a nice holiday party or winter wedding event.

Holiday Office Party

My sparkly skirt (similar) that I wore with a cashmere sweater in past holidays, I'll be switching it up this year with a crisp white blouse and velvet blazer (or at least I'd like to buy this scrumptious J.Crew strawberry pink blazer - I haven't yet). Perfect for an office holiday party where you definitely don't want to be that girl who thought it was a bar scene.

Here's a dressed-up version of a sparkly skirt:

Here's a more casual way to wear sparkles:

More Holiday Office Party Outfits

Casual Holiday Open House

I love wearing my jeans with my Christmas tartan heels (similar), but this year, I'll be adding faux suede ankle pants and a faux fur vest. And I'd like to get these red ankle pants for a pretty pop!

Christmas Cocktail Party

And, oh my mother's fur stole that I wore with a LWD (little white dress).

This season I'm thinking of styling it with jeans.

The Anywhere Holiday Outfit

Now let's look at a Little Black Dress, and LBD-alternates, and how to style them.

Here are some ways to style a dress for the holidays. Just take what you have and add some accessories.


Merry , merry! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting!

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