Tina, here.

Why is it that all Parisian women have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes them so chic? And they make it look so easy. It's like it's their birthright or something. I wonder if this is fair? Doesn't matter because Tina is sharing with you some of her French style secrets. Starting with How To Wear A Scarf Like A Parisian. (There's a little video of Tina for Complete Insiders demonstrating these techniques. So you can start wearing those gorgeous scarves you received as gifts over the holidays!)


Look at this beautiful box! Oh and the scarf is as beautiful. A gracious gift from some dear friends. I have a fun little booklet, How To Wear Your Hermès Scarf, that I've held onto for decades. It was my grandmother's and it's dated 1986. I only wish I had the scarf she must have bought that came with the little booklet (they were selling for $130 at the time!). Some of the knots and ties are far from facile, and they look kind of dated for today's casual dress. But the tradition of wearing scarves is not outdated. You just have to know how without looking like your grandmother!


I am not a fan. Too Carol Reed-catalog. (Remember them? That's reaching waaaayy back!)

Here are 3 easy-peasy ways to wear a scarf and look very nonchalant, and French, doing so. I have adapted them from my little Hermès booklet, and also taken inspiration from my Aunt Coco, who wore a floral cotton Gucci scarf tied around her neck every day of the summer. With a denim skirt and Tretorns. Which is just perfect. (Here's an Hermès preowned scarf similar to mine, and here's a brand spankin' new Hermès scarf, with adorable dancing zebras.)



1. The Left Bank


Start with a a big triangle. Now drape it across your neck, with the large point down your back. Bring the ends around and let them fall loosely at your sides, without tying them. That's the key. Instead of knotting the ends under your chin, just let them hang casually, which creates a strong vertical (and slimming) line.



It's quite modern to wear your scarf like this, all non-fancy like. You may have to train it to fall in a straight line without puffing out, but just keep pulling it down.


2. Tout Simple (tu samp-luh)


Start with a big triangle as before, and drape it across your neck with the large point of the triangle down your back, but slightly to one side, off center (that's the key here). As you bring the ends around to the front, tie them in a loose knot under your chin, and slightly off center.


Make sure there is some breathing room between your chin and the knot.


3. Sashe (sa -chay)


No folding necessary for this way to wear a scarf. Lay your scarf out in a square, then grab two opposite corners, which will be your ends. Now just scrunch it through your belt loops and tie the ends in a double knot at your waist.


Your wardrobe just went from the January blues to très chic. If you'd like your own scarf-tying style guide, Insiders can find that here. You are welcome to upgrade or try the Style Vault Complete for 5 days if you'd like to step inside. The Complete Vault comes with exclusive content like extra videos, downloads and style guides.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and chic day!