Tina, here.

I rarely wear color. You'll see me in color more in the summertime because it just feels right and good and happy to pop on some pink or bright orange or cerulean blue.

Tips on Wearing Bright Colors

Mark this moment. Color is happening. And a lot of it. I have to be feeling very talkative when I wear this outfit because it tends to draw a lot of attention.

I have a pretty strong opinion on how not to wear bright colors. Bright colors worn badly can be aggressive and make the people around you kind of jumpy.

Don't wear black with bright colors - choose white!

I really can't stand bright colors paired with black. It's too Dynasty in the '80's, or "game day cheer squad," or in this case, bumblebee costume, and in general just too harsh and jarring to see bright colors with black.

Here are 3 tips on wearing bright colors to your advantage, without accosting people with your outfit.


1. Stick with 2 - 3 colors, and choose complimentary colors like pinks, oranges and yellows, or blues and greens.

Not pink with blue or orange with green. And not pink, orange and green!

How To Wear Bright Colors

These colors melt into each other. Even though they are bright, they aren't disturbing to look at, causing you to go cross-eyed or feel dizzy.


A nude shoe keeps the whole outfit from being overwhelming. If you are picking out a color in your outfit and matching your shoes to it, we need to move you up to the year 2016. It's not the '80's anymore. Mkay cupcake?

Pink and orange

On the other hand, it can be nice when you're wearing 2 colors at the same time to pick one of those as the predominant color to match with everything else. Just not your shoes.

Pink and orange together

If I'm wearing pattern and bright color together, I like everything else to blend. For a similar blouse, check this one out, or for a super luxe option (it'll probably go on sale after July 4th) check out this one. Did you know there's a place where you can see and shop all our best finds from around the web and in the stores? You can buy what you want (no surprises at your door!) and see how to wear it. It's called the Style Vault. Find out more here.

2. White is the great equalizer for bright colors.


Another great way to wear color is to pair it with white.

Pink shorts and white t-shirt

This is why I have countless white t-shirts and pairs of white jeans in my closet, to calm all the brightness. Vault Insiders, check out the latest additions to the June Style Vault, in Style Notes, with our favorite white t-shirts, colorful t-shirts and some pretty colorful shorts. Log in here.

3. For a softer way to wear color, choose blended tone-on-tone colors that are in the same family.


If you're bored with neutrals and need some excitement, but don't want to get too crazy, wearing tone-on-tone, like aqua with pale blue denim, is a soft and pretty way to approach the color in your wardrobe.


This would be a no in my wardrobe. Aqua and hot pink on a little girl running around the playground or jumping in the pool is adorable. On an adult, it's too campy.


Of course, I'm all about the white skirt with any color, bright or subdued. If you need a great white denim skirt, here's one I am loving right now. And Vault Insiders, if you'd like more options for white skirts (cotton, crochet, even a killer petite skirt and a gauzy white maxi, and more), login to your account and start shopping in the June Style Notes! No extra fees, just our honest opinions and great style advice.


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