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It's not so much a question about what's in and what's out, but more what to toss and what to buy this Spring. That's because, if you know me, you know I try to buy fewer but better, and I try to buy pieces that I'll be able to wear for years to come. So, getting rid of things in my closet is a matter of great importance. And speaking of cleaning out closets, this week I'm inviting you into a sacred space I have only shown a handful of times in the ten + years I've been writing: the closet in my master bedroom. All the other closets are just storage for the rest of my clothes. But this one is my sacred space. And it holds the clothes I wear on a regular rotation. So parting with any of them is tough.

Catch up on the first couple of videos in my series covering my massive closet cleanouts. You'll see what I got rid of in real life. Like, my closet is half-full now. Which is a good thing!

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So I've been thinking about what I tossed and what I'm buying, and wanted to share it with you. You can buy anything you see here if you think you need it, too!

What To Toss This Spring

1. Too Many Ruffles

I got rid of a lot of what my niece called boho which I lovingly refer to as my western glam collection. Blouses with overly ruffled collars or sleeves. High waisted suede pants, some with fringe (come on, I loved them). And she made me get rid of a lot of my dotted Swiss. You can watch the whole thing go down in the videos. She takes it. I try to take it back. She makes a better argument for tossing it. I surrender and pout. And then thank her later. See, I get what I put you through!

2. Ripped, stained or otherwise not fit for public consumption

Should be obvious. But I loooooooved my first ever Black Label Ralph Lauren white blouse I ever bought. I waited and waited for it to go on sale. Twenty years I've loved it. I savored every time I wore it. I cherished it hanging in my closet, unworn for the past five or ten years. But, yes, it was time to go. I can't live in the past. Seriously, pull out every top that has stained armpits, dresses or pants with ripped hems, anything with missing buttons or that has that dingy, dirty dishwater look.

3. Outdated trends

The quickest way to age yourself is to wear an outdated trend. This is why you buy fun trends that have short shelf lives at the discount stores and don't overpay for them. Trends to toss/consign right now:

platform shoes and sandals

ripped jeans

layered dainty necklaces

What Not To Buy

Don't buy into these trends you see in the stores because they're on their second season which means they'll be out next season:

oversized blazers

overly puffy sleeves

prairie dresses

"hot pants" or short shorts (as if, right?)


Six Wardrobe Essentials To Buy This Spring

1. Feminine Dresses

2. Blazers, extra credit for White or Ivory

3. Suede Jackets

4. Scarves and Scarf Prints

5. Sherbet Shades - Pistachio, Peach, Yellow

6. Gold Jewelry

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