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Seems a lot of us are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner outdoors this year. Will it ever get back to normal? YES. This, too, shall pass. But let's hang in there and get through this bizarre time together. And keep getting dressed! I just read this morning an article in the WSJ about how men and women are starting to come out of their sweatshirt and slipper caves and get dressed. I actually made a little video about this last week when my photographer started chanting, if you're depressed, get dressed! I'll be sharing this video and new post with you. Seems like we're not the only ones barking up this tree. My friend Emily of the famed Emily Phillips shirts and shirtdresses has been saying it, too, in her newsletter (sign up for it when you're on her site!).  I think we're onto something. So just because you're not sitting under the chandelier using your good china and silver, dress up a little for Thanksgiving!

Even if you just toss on some pants other than jeans and add a blouse that's not a sweatshirt, that's all you need to do! How easy is that? "Enclothed cognition" is a real thing - wearing so-called comfy clothes all day long can make you "lethargic," and even melancholy. Just like taking a different route home once a week can be good for the brain, dressing up at least once a week can be good for your mood. (And dressing up doesn't have to mean fancy; it can mean wearing something you feel beautiful in!).

If you're in a cooler climate, you'll probably need a jacket or wrap of some sort that isn't as bulky as a coat. I've got some great options for you!

Outdoor Thanksgiving Outfits

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Some Great Wraps




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