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Ladies, let's be the kind of women who travel in style, shall we? If you are traveling by air, or by car, even for a 20 minute car ride to the in-laws' house, what you wear is important. Nothing terribly outdated, and certainly no gym/exercise studio clothing. "Outdated" is quite different from "old." I wear old clothes, pieces I've had for years and years, but they are classics and have been well-cared for, so they don't look especially tattered. But wearing outdated clothing is quite another thing - the quickest way to age yourself is to wear outdated clothing. Examples today would be black leggings with tunics, bell sleeves, most but not all colored denim. If you could give me this for Christmas, your pledge not to wear these, I would consider myself blessed. Ok, back to the matter at hand. What are you going to wear as you travel this holiday?

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Travel In Style (And Comfort) This Holiday

The Rules

1. No athletic clothing like leggings which are the same thing as yoga pants which are not pants

2. Nothing that could be confused with pajamas like sweatshirts.

3. Nothing that was trendy three years ago like bell sleeves or floppy hats or chokers.

What can you wear?

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All these outfits take you Off The Plane, Out Of The Car and Straight To The Seated Dinner/Church Service/Neighborhood Christmas Lights Tour.

The idea is to wear something comfortable for sitting a while, something that won't wrinkle, and something you can re-wear on your trip or to another event. Tall order, but here are your winners.

Dark-Rinse Jeans + Festive Top

The darker the rinse, the dressier the jeans. This is a time to set aside the faded jeans, the jeans with holes and unfinished hems, and wear the nicest pair you have. Black jeans are the dressiest if they are jet black.

Neutral Pants + Pop Of Color

Don't worry about stains if you have this stain remover in your purse or carry-on. If you don't wear red or green, try cranberry, aubergine or deep forest for beautiful variations.

Knit Dress + Boots or Pumps

A knit dress travels well. If you're TSA approved and don't have to remove your shoes during security at the airport, then boots will work. If not, opt for pumps.

Luxe "Lounge" Pants + Sweater

Not to be confused with athletic wear, cashmere loungewear travels well because it is luxe - and not sloppy.

Happy travels this holiday! And thank you for stopping by!

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Happy shopping and Merry Merry!





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