Tina, here.

Aren't teeny things the cutest? Like miniature perfume bottles, and little bitty stuffed animals, itty bitty baby feet and teensy weensy dollhouse furniture? I just find tiny things adorable.

Which explains my fascination with travel-size toiletries.

If you're getting ready to pack for a trip, one of the best ways to avoid checking luggage, besides limiting your shoes to 2 pairs plus the pair you wear, is to pack travel size toiletries. Remember, that means liquids must be 3.4 oz or less. Or it will be confiscated. Before I paid close attention to this rule, I lost some expensive skincare. It only takes one time to learn that lesson.

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I am always amazed at the little bitty fun-size toiletries you can find!

Let's start shopping for your carry-on toiletry bag!

From the 234568 options in the travel size section of Target, I've narrowed it down to these 12 items that I keep in my toiletry bag at all times, so I can grab and go (when I get the sudden chance to whisk myself off to an island somewhere - oh I wish). You will add a couple more items from your bathroom vanity, like makeup and sunscreen and perfume, but you never have to think about these must-have basics. And that's the key: to reduce the stress of packing, have as much already packed as possible.

(The links in the list go to Amazon, and the images below go to Target's or other site, so you can choose where you shop.)

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste (I like the kind with a cover for the brush)

2. Makeup Remover Cleansing wipes (great when you need a little spot bath, too)

3. Eye Makeup Remover (because nothing works as well this does and when I saw the travel size I FREAKED out)

4. Facial Cleanser  (I don't like to travel with my "good" skincare if I'm only traveling for a short time)

5. Lip Balm (completely necessary for over-cooled rooms and dry air cabins)

6. Lint Roller (kind of like dry-cleaning on the go - it's weird how just a lint roller can make anything look fresh, even if there were no cats or dogs around)


7. Contact Cleaner (skip unless you wear contacts, obvi, but I HATE running out of contact cleaner when traveling and vowed never to again; 2 oz not available at Target on-line, but it is from Amazon)

8. Deodorant (it's so cute!)

9. Advil (hate to ask my host or airline attendant; not available at target online; it is from Amazon )

10. Dry Shampoo (because I will not be that high maintenance guest who needs to book a blowout)

11. Tampons (see Contact Cleaner)

12. Razors

Here are some extras I couldn't refuse. You may want to also add ear plugs, bobby pins and ponytail holders, dental floss, and the list could go on and on and on...

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream 0.84 oz/23g Travel Size Face Body Hands Creme Different New Design (1)

Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel Travel Size, 1 Ounce

Band-Aid Tough-Strips Adhesive Bandages, Waterproof, Assorted-20ct

Now, to put it all together. And I actually do store my travel kit like this in my linen closet. With everything in it and ready to go.

I like these kits that have a top layer for your makeup.

I keep a second set of inexpensive makeup to travel with, as well.

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