Tina, here.

It was time. I got bored. I needed to try something I would not have a year ago. So I bit the bullet and bought a bomber jacket.


Confession. Deidre saw it first. She showed it to me for her and I had to have it too. So now we have a friendship jacket to add to all our friendship fashion items: our friendship necklace, friendship booties and so on. It even made an appearance in this month's Must-Haves that Insiders have been shopping.

I'm dressing up my bomber jacket 3 ways for you. Business casual, GNO and Saturday errands.

Bomber Jacket for Business Casual


Gotta add heels and a skirt to the mix for this look. This bomber jacket can get away with going to the office because it is made of silk and velvet, 2 very respectable fabrics.


In fact, many of the bomber jackets I've been seeing are quite lovely, leaning more toward the, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, the "pretty" side of style than the "tougher" side, which is what I had always thought of when I pictured bomber jackets (Top Gun, James Dean, Marlon Brando).


Can you agree there might be something about a velvet bomber jacket and Chanel pumps that works? Here's a pretty one that comes in navy and black.

Bomber Jacket for GNO


I wouldn't say I went all tough on this look, but I did try to make it more downtown than uptown, simply by adding jeans and black booties.


Let me make another point. If you're around my age (mid-40's) and are dipping into a trend like this, don't go overboard. Don't pay too much and don't buy too many. One is enough, and this is a good price point. (This one has some pretty embroidery on it, and don't miss the deer!)


The elastic waistband can be troublesome for disguising wider hips, so you can wear it open or zipped up, but if zipped, and this is a hard fast rule, no more than halfway zipped. Ever. Mkay cupcakes?

Saturday Errands


I know it's hard getting dressed on a cold morning to run around to places like the school gym, the grocery store, and all those other pesky errands that pile up on Saturday. (My motto is that running errands is an opportunity for a joy ride!) So to make it easy you need 3 things: jeans (because you already have them), a turtleneck (because they frame your face beautifully), and a little jacket or coat like a bomber jacket. Because it will be the one part of your outfit that looks cool.

klc-7060Keepin it casz.


The great thing about "dressing" in actual clothes to run errands is that if you get a quick invite for lunch or drinks, you don't even have to go home and change. No threat of turning into a pumpkin before the clock strikes midnight!


Give it a go. But only if you follow my rules of not overpaying for a trend, and promise me you'll get rid of it when it's  o v e r.

Shop some suggestions below, and Insiders, you can see and shop more bomber jackets and items similar to what I'm wearing in our latest Vault. 

Thanks for reading!



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