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Jumpsuit or jailsuit? I mean, that's the risk you run when wearing a jumpsuit: looking like a jailbird in designer. This is not an easy look to pull off, no matter how much you want to wear one. Is it worth even doing a cost/benefit analysis? Oh, why not. It's Summer. If you're going to consider something outside your box, Summer is a great time to do it. Plus, I was with my very stylish friend Mary Winn last week at a grand opening party and we saw someone wearing the coolest jumpsuit ever. It might change your mind. Let's start with the risks, the potential downsides, and see if the positives might outweigh the negatives.

The risks? Let's count them.

1. Jumpsuit or jailsuit? The bad ones look like knock-off jailsuits. Or coveralls. Or overalls. Want me to keep going?

2. Romper Room costume? If it looks more like a costume from the Romper Room set or a kindergartener's outfit with a smocked bodice, it's a fail.

3. Camel toe wardrobe malfunction? The flip side is baggy diaper syndrome. I find that the jumpsuits with elastic waistbands are the ones that cause a camel toe because they "ride up."

So is there any reason to wear one? Are there any benefits? Maybe. Oh wait, I just thought of yet another con: it's tough to use the ladies room in a jumpsuit. So, the benefits?

I bought my jumpsuit seven or eight years ago, well before jumpsuits were trendy. Same goes for my cuffed jeans and kickflares. I just have a weird knack for liking tangential styles before they go mainstream (and I love reminding my bff Deidre of this, and she loves rolling her eyes). The weird thing is I avoid them once they become trendy. So I was too chicken to wear this absolutely divine silk jumpsuit with fringe (also before fringe was trendy), and now that they are hot, I don't want to be another ridiculous victim of a fad. It's reverse pride I guess. Buuuut, it is quite a fun outfit.

Your jumpsuit must not even come CLOSE to giving you a camel toe. I can't even discuss it anymore. It's just gross. Google it if you're not sure what I'm talking about.

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So what are the pros, then? Yes, they can be fun.

1. They are great for women who hate dresses but need to give the appearance of wearing one.

2. They can make your legs look loooooong.

3. They are a great alternative to jeans. Just choose the right one.

What's the right jumpsuit? Fit is first. You can't have any cuppage in the front or the rear. You must have a defined waist. Otherwise, it's a romper or what the Brits call a dungaree (remember those Laura Ashley floral onesies for adults?). And it must be a really nice fabric like silk, or it will not drape right. And if it doesn't drape right, it will look AWFUL.


I prefer the palazzo leg style as opposed to cropped or tapered. It's the old school kind of jumpsuit, à la 1970's Farah Fawcett. But not to be confused with 1970's disco suits, à la Solid Gold dancers. Note the diff, dolls. Disco suits are tacky. Beautiful jumpsuits are in the same family as cool caftans.

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