Dolls, we're hearing from Barbara today!

Barbara is our primo stylist who has helped so, so many women look like a million dollars every time they step outside their closets. In fact, I recently had Barbara clean out my own closet! And we caught some of it on video...don't worry, we'll share it with you. But in the meantime, bask in the stylish wisdom that is Barbara Burns.


Hello ladies! Today I want to talk about the subject so many of my clients ask me about during cold months...tights and hose and how to wear them. I myself am a cold-weather gal. I love cold weather sports and activities when I'm out west, and so the mild fall and winter temperatures that we see in middle Tennessee don't usually prompt me to feel the need to don tights with my outfits. However, I do love how tights can finish off an outfit and tie it all together, so I'll often wear them anyway.

What Color of Tights Should You Wear?


I don't know if you're like me, but over the years I have accumulated lots of tights in several colors and textures (including these reversible tights which are some of my favorites). I look at tights the way I look at camisoles. You only need 3 colors of camisoles in your closet, and you can justify just a few more colors than that in tights.

It was very liberating for me to clean out my own closet a few weeks ago and I pitched most of the tights I had accumulated, and here's why. Depending on their thickness, tights snag easily and also can "thin" out with wear; so be discriminating with what you keep. And when you wear them, I want you to remember that they need to be the same color as either your skirt (or dress), or your shoes (or boots).


I typically wear opaque tights under boots with heavier fabrics like wool and tweed. And more sheer tights or hose with less heavy fabrics. Remember the reason we wear the tights to begin with: it's chilly outside and we don't want our legs to be cold. Or we feel uncomfortable with how white our legs look in the middle of winter so we want them to be covered up!

What Shoes Do You Wear With Tights?

Please remember to be cautious with the shoes you pair with your tights.


This is an example of what NOT to do! My chocolate brown tights work great with my skirt and scarf but my shoes are way too light a shade of brown to make this combination work. A chocolate brown shoe would be much better.


I kept a pair of patterned tights I've had for years. At my age now, I would probably only wear these when I'm wearing tall boots or pants so that just a touch of the pattern shows. The background pattern is black and doesn't match the denim dress I'm wearing or my chocolate brown boot, but there is chocolate brown in the pattern, too, so this is a good exception to the color rule. You can see this up close below.


Can You Wear Tights With Cocktail Dresses?

We get lots of questions too about whether it's okay to wear tights with cocktail attire. Although I love a bare leg, even in the winter (just add lotion!), tights can work as well.


Remember the color rule (tights must be the same color of your skirt or your shoes), and a suede dress pump is what I would pair with these tights. (Knit off-the shoulder top).


I would avoid a peep toe or patent shoe when wearing with these these sheer-ish opaque tights.

I'd love to work with you and share how I can set you up with a wardrobe that works for you, and makes you feel wonderful! Click here for more info. Thanks for reading and stay warm out there! Until next time...

All the Best!