Tina, here.

Color is a new thing in my life. My whole house has been fifty shades of white for the past 15 years, and now I have a floral sofa. It's a shock every time I walk into my living room. I got it for $35 this Summer off craigslist when I needed something to sit on while staying at my sister's empty new house before she moved to town. And it grew on me. And then last night I found myself feverishly searching for this botanical print down vest my sister was wearing that I HAD to have. (This is kinda sorta like hers, but it was $70, and is completely sold out. Boo.) Growth and change keeps us young.

But I'm not finished with white jeans yet, no sirree. I'm just wearing them a bit differently now that it's officially Fall.

You can wear your white jeans, white cords, ivory jeans or ivory cords right now. They still feel fresh, and especially paired with bright plaids. I also love them with warm autumnal tones, too. But I couldn't wait to wear my crips navy and green plaid blouse with my white jeans. And can you even stand these embroidered butterfly mules?? I bought them a million years ago and have been wearing them recently. And GUESS WHAT? I found a similar pair here from J. Crew! You can shop the whole look below.

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Happy shopping and thank you for visiting.





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