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It's Deidre. If you've seen any of my other posts or follow me or Tina on Instagram, you probably already know me as "the blowout girl" or "the beauty guru" or even "Tina's BFF." I am indeed all of these things and I'm excited to finally be able to tell you how I'm basically about to make YOU the luckiest and most beautiful woman in the world. We'll get there. But first, let me properly introduce myself.

Hair and Beauty

As the daughter of a hair stylist, I grew up with the knowledge and respect of all things beauty-related. My mother Linda made sure my hair was always on point for every photo, school dance and cheer competition.

Deidre DeFelice: Hair and Beauty

As she tugged my hair into the tightest bun or french braids you've ever seen, my mother's response to my "OUCH!" was always, "You have to suffer to be beautiful!"

We quickly realized I was the one in the family to acquire her natural talent for styling hair. My two sisters weren't interested. In eighth grade I was voted "Most Likely To Be A Hair Stylist" and for my senior prom, my mother and I created my hairstyle together.


I literally never had to go through the hassle of making a hair appointment at a salon because we made beauty magic happen in our upstairs bathroom. I'm not sure Tina would have chosen this dress for me, but it was 2004 so what can I say?!

I feel very blessed to have a mother who introduced me to all the different ways I could style my hair. It's life changing! From enhancing my natural curl with a diffuser (this was the most life-altering) to fun braids to quick and easy updos, I learned it all from her and the good news is you get to learn it from me, no matter what kind of hair you have! (We're getting there, I promise.)

Beach waves hairstyle

I'm still using almost all the same tips and tricks my mother taught me in middle school and I love rockin' these curls every once in awhile.

I'm now almost 11 years into my career and I still find myself constantly searching for new products, tools and ideas. There are an endless amount of things to learn when it comes to the beauty industry. I've grown up learning from my mother the importance of self-care and how your hair and makeup routine can make you feel like the best version of yourself. And do you want to know the best part? It's not as difficult or overwhelming as it may seem! You may just never have had anyone share the essential info with you, until now!

Take a summer updo or ponytail for example. You'll probably hear me say how I don't believe in ponytails. Thats because most people don't take an extra 5 minutes to make it a stylish pony because no one has taught them how. But it can be easy and feel so good in this heat. So here's how to rock a stylish pony that actually makes your hair look longer!

Here's how to rock a stylish pony that actually makes your hair look longer!

1. Start With Some Texture

How To: Ponytail

This will work best if you start with a little texture to your hair. Yesterday's curls work perfectly for a stylish ponytail!

2. Prep Your Hair

How To Ponytail

Dry texture spray is the perfect product to prep your hair for this. Style Vault Insiders, check the July Style Notes section for links to my two favorite dry texture sprays!

3. Add a Little Height

How To: Ponytail

Tease the underside of the top of your hair a little bit using a fine tooth comb.

4. Start With A Half Up

Ho To Ponytail

Put half of your hair into a ponytail. It's up to you how high you want it!

5. Add A Second Pony

How To Ponytail

Put the rest of your hair into a separate ponytail, directly underneath the first one.

6. Final Touches

How To Ponytail

Spray a little more dry texture spray into both ponytails and give the top one a little teasing so it covers the bottom one. You'll also want to wrap a small strand of hair around your elastic to hide it! Just secure it with a bobby pin.

7. Finished Look

How To Ponytail

See how easy it is to create a stylish, Pinterest-worthy ponytail?!

How To Ponytail

Finish it off with a little hair spray so everything stays in place. I've probably told you before, but my favorite strong hold spray is the Kevin Murphy Session Spray (only available in salons).

I've got a ton more tricks up my sleeve (even if you have short hair!), so I'm sure you are ready to find out how I'm about to make you the luckiest and most beautiful woman in the world. Well, I'm the one who absolutely loves finding the newest, best, and most affordable options when it comes to what makeup, hair and skincare items you need. Plus, I LOVE educating others on new techniques and revealing things I've learned over the years.

I'm going to be sharing all of this with you inside an all-new option we're adding to the new and improved Style Vault many of you you already know and love. It won't just be packed with beauty-related items, but shoes and accessories as well! And it's coming really soon!

Nashville 12 South Bar Taco

Just like I leave most of the clothes hunting up to Tina, she leaves the beauty department to me. Naturally, we make a great team.

I am SO excited to share with you not only the core knowledge I've been learning since my childhood, but also the new tips and tricks I learn as my career keeps unfolding. I'll be picking the brains of all my friends (who happen to be some of the most talented people in the industry) and bringing you all the best insider info to make sure you're living the beautiful life of feeling like a million bucks every time you walk out the door. Plus, you won't be spending a fortune, especially when you get exclusive SV discount codes. Yes, this is real life. Be one of the first to find out how to gain access to all the new content by becoming a Style Vault Insider here. See you gals inside the all-new Vault, coming soon!

Have a great hair and makeup day! Don't forget to spend a little more time on your pony! 🙂



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