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Have you had the pleasure yet this Fall of sitting by a fireside and reading or napping? I've already built my First Fire. The first fire of the season (I have a wood-burning fireplace) is a big deal to me. Frankly, it's one of my favorite things in life. Which is why I love Fall so much. This season, it's all about texture and pattern. What is old is new again: calico print floral dresses (1980's Laura Ashley) paisley skirts (1990's Harold's), taffeta bows and ruffles (80's and 90's Bill Blass). How can these be current today? Let's take a look!

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How To Embrace Fall's Nostalgia Without Looking Outdated

First, be careful what you pull out of your attic. Nine times out of ten the paisley elastic waist skirt that hits right under your knees will look dated, not fresh and new. There are exceptions. And when I'm in your closet I can show you on a case by case basis.

This would be a no. It looks dated, even when you pair it with a modern strappy shoe (which is also awful).

Secondly, quality matters. Cheap velvet is shiny and yucky. There is really good inexpensive velvet. Just make sure it is isn't shiny - that's the giveaway. Patterns like paisley are tricky - make sure the scale is manageable. A large pattern makes the one wearing it look, larger. A teeny print looks juvenile. You're looking for that just right scale. Like my dress, which is actually "vintage" circa early 2000's. What makes it work is that it's cut on the bias, the scale is good, and even though it is an inexpensive Lauren dress, the faux velvet is a good faux (not shiny or sticky).

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This is shiny, i.e. tacky, velvet.

You know how I love the whole high - low look. So what better way to wear long velvet dress than with a denim jacket and hat?

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Make it modern with a denim jacket and a necktie. Shop the look below.


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