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You know what the easiest thing in the world to wear during Summer is? A Shirtdress. It's like the one pot dish. One and done. It's like wearing a robe. And it's like wearing the perfect face-framing collared shirt and nothing else. And it's like being casual and dressed up at the same time. And it's like having a swimsuit coverup, graduation dress, dinner out with friends dress, and a travel outfit all in one. See? It's perfect!! I am always, always looking for shirtdresses, and I think I announced last Spring that my search had ended with the pile of gold at the end of the rainbow, known as Emily Phillips. My clients love these dresses, and the shirts, too.

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Insiders received early access to this post and have already been shopping. Last year when we offered this discount, Emily sold out of many styles! If you want early access to posts like this, join our Insiders! Emily and I want to thank you, our dear readers and clients, for your unending support over the last year, making it possible for us to keep giving you these exclusive discounts! Thank you thank you for supporting small businesses like ours! 

Ok so it's wrinkled. Does it matter? Not when you're just bopping around town or hanging out on a patio sipping gin and tonics or heck even after you get off an airplane, everyone is understanding that you may have a few wrinkles. Just go with it. These are {mostly} casual times. Or steam it if you must! Side note, could someone please tell me what the best ever steamer is, preferably handheld? Kthx. Also, my dress is longer than the dresses on the website. Expect them to hit mid-thigh. But you can get away with a shorter shirtdress because they are not fitted, so they don't look as short.

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Emily personalized mine (similar) because she's the best ever. You've got to experience the quality of custom made. It's so cool when we're on a zoom call and I see the actual sewing machines in the background that Emily uses to make these dresses with her own 2 hands. It's so luxurious to wear something that wasn't mass-produced in a factory, god knows where, and by how many teeny people. Emily proudly produces all her clothing in the USA (in Nashville, to be exact). I wish you could each know her...she is one of my heroes in the small business-owner world. A tower of strength, who has survived this last year that was hard on us small business owners. In fact, she's growing! And thankfully, I am too! We are SO SO grateful when readers like you support us!

The Girlfriend Shirtdress - Don't forget to enter code TINA20 at checkout to save 20 %

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