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It's an indisputable fact that you can elevate your mood by dressing up, or let's be honest, just dressing at all. Let's find our gumption and fête the holidays with as much joy as we can muster, and finish this wild year with some style. We will all feel better as soon as we turn on the Christmas tree lights and twirl in our dresses, or least in comfy jeans and a fun top. I have found nine pieces from one of my favorite online boutiques, Halsbrook, and... here's a Christmas surprise, you, my lovely readers,

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Excludes sale items. I know we've all come to love Halsbrook's beautiful wardrobe heroes and their special seasonal pieces, like these holiday looks I've selected for us.

My Picks From Halsbrook For Celebrating the Holidays 

Lafayette 148 New York Red Crepe Dress

Lafayette 148 New York Red Crepe Dress, reg. $698, YOUR PRICE $523.50

Lafayette 148 New York Ivory Silk Charmeuse Reversible Shell

Lafayette 148 New York Ivory Silk Charmeuse Reversible Shell, reg. $328, YOUR PRICE $246

Kenneth Jay Lane Freshwater Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace

Kenneth Jay Lane Freshwater Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace, reg. $250, YOUR PRICE $187.50

Marc Cain Boat Neck Top

Marc Cain Boat Neck Top, reg. $560, YOUR PRICE $420

Gretchen Scott Ruffle Neck Top

Gretchen Scott Ruffle Neck Top, reg. $109, YOUR PRICE $81.75

Rosso35 Animal Print Silk Dress

Rosso35 Animal Print Silk Dress, reg. $620, YOUR PRICE $465

AG Jeans

AG Jeans, reg. $198, YOUR PRICE $148.50

Veronica Beard High Rise Flare Stretch Jean

Veronica Beard High Rise Flare Stretch Jean, reg. $248, YOUR PRICE $186

Majestic Filatures Knit Blazer

Majestic Filatures Knit Blazer, reg. $270, YOUR PRICE $202.50

Ways To Wear These Holiday Looks To Spread Joy

If there were ever a reason to wear clothes that make you feel like dancing (not Bee Gees style, or..., well why not), like toasting, like twirling, like finding light in the darkness, this is the Christmas! I've seen a lot of I've given up dressing, and I've let myself go resignation, and we are not those people! We respect the people around us (and ourselves) by taking care of ourselves, and we honor others with the compliment of dressing in more than sweats and old socks. It takes the same amount of effort to put on this pair of incredibly comfortable jeans and top than it does sweats and a t-shirt. Dress up and spread joy!

Don't forget to use code STYLE25 at checkout to save 25% off your entire order! (excluding sale items)

Gretchen Scott Ruffle Neck Top, regularly $109, YOUR PRICE is $81.75 with code STYLE25

If you want an elegant and face-framing top that feels like a t-shirt, that you can pack and wear a few times before you wash it, and that you can wear with jeans or a pair of velvet pants, here you go. Great alternative, too, if you don't like wearing plaid flannel shirts.

The collar actually stays put. I don't know how Gretchen Scott does it. But it's such a no-fuss, low maintenance top that looks really special.

This top is regularly $109, YOUR PRICE is $81.75 with code STYLE25!

AG Straight Leg Jeans, regularly $198, YOUR PRICE $148.50 with code STYLE25

These AG jeans are better than yoga pants, I'm telling you. That's because they're straight, and the good kind of straight jeans! Not the kind that make your legs look like tree trunks.

See how I've just barely cuffed them? That's key. These jeans also have just the right amount of stretch. I took my regular size.

The back pockets on these AG jeans are perfect. They are regularly $198, YOUR PRICE is $148.50!

Marc Cain Boat Neck Top, regularly $560, YOUR PRICE $420 with code STYLE25

Isn't this Marc Cain top gorgeous?! It's a substantial crepe, so if you can't wear wool, you'll love it. It's breathable, and not too heavy. And ohhhh those bejeweled buttons on the sleeves!

The top comes with its own self belt (the same crepe fabric), but you can substitute any belt you have. It also works with jeans if you want the easy chic look of jeans and a "going out" top.

Lafayette 148 New York Ivory Silk Charmeuse Reversible Shell, regularly $328, YOUR PRICE $246 with code STYLE25

I've been getting this Lafayette reversible silk shell for my clients for years. And now they make it in a v-neck! The fabric has the prettiest hand. And, one of the key items I find missing in closets is a shell. It will bring together your outfits. Instead of a collared shirt under a jacket, you need a shell. It's softer, more feminine, and less bulky. You'll be surprised how often you wear it. Be sure to size down.

Just layer a pashmina over the shell if you don't want to wear a jacket but still want to cover your arms. It's great for travel, too, since it's reversible! Shiny one side, and matte on the other.

Rosso35 Animal Print Silk Dress, regularly $620, YOUR PRICE $465 with code STYLE25

This dress is SO fun to wear!! It's got great movement, and it doesn't stick to you. You can twirl in it 🙂 You know how hard it is to find dresses with sleeves, with no waistband (so any shape can wear it) that still look good - but this one has such style!

Wear a nude shoe with the dress. To keep the look as light and breezy as the dress is.

I like to just tie a loose knot below the neckline so you don't have a big bow right under your chin.

Lafayette 148 New York Red Crepe Dress, regularly $698, YOUR PRICE $523.50 with code STYLE25

I only have 3 pieces of red in my wardrobe, and 2 of them came from Halsbrook! Just like every room needs a pop of red, every now and then we need a pop of red in our wardrobes. I am really into crepe right now. And we all seem to be into clothes that don't touch us. This crepe Lafayette dress is, again, so easy to wear, but packs a big punch. And look at those sleeves! I love that deep cuff. And the subtle shoulder detail - it's a classic feminine touch.

This dress is about knee-length. Make sure you size down.

Kenneth Jay Lane Freshwater Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace, regularly $250, YOUR PRICE $187.50 with code STYLE25

You've seen this multi-strand pearl necklace keep popping up in the photos. That's because it goes with EVERYTHING. It fits perfectly around your neck to wear with either a crew (a must when wearing crewnecks) or a v-neck. Wear it year-round when you need a great accessory but don't want it to overtake your outfit. It's like a nude shoe for your neck!

Veronica Beard High Rise Flare Stretch Jean, regularly $248, YOUR PRICE $186 with code STYLE25

Here's another item I make sure almost all my clients have in their closets - black bootcut jeans. And good ones are not as easy to come by as you may think. They need to be very dark - no whiskering or fading. And they need to be bootcut because this style is dressier than a skinny pant. You can fudge any party dress code with a good pair of black jeans. Cocktails? Add the silk shell or bejeweled top. Need a business meeting outfit? Add a blazer and nude pumps. Need to go from day to night? Just add a statement necklace. SO EASY.

The key to a good fitting pair of bootcut jeans is that they are slim through the hips and thighs, and start slightly flaring out below the knees. These are generously long, and can be hemmed. I sized up in these.

Majestic Filatures Knit Blazer, regularly $270, YOUR PRICE $202.50 with code STYLE25

Speaking of blazers, if you got rid of all yours (why???) then here's one that can play multiple roles in your wardrobe. It can be a lightweight jacket before it gets too cold. It can be a topper for a dress. And I love wearing a blazer over a sweater for a more casual style, as opposed to over a collared blouse which can look stiff.

And this is not just any knit blazer. It's a finer fabric than ponte - it's a viscose French terry knit. Scrumptious. Like a sweatshirt, honestly. But you can wear it over a dress as a cocktail topper!



Thank you Halsbrook! We love your modern classics. And now we are ready for the holidays! Let the good cheer begin! Don't forget to use your code STYLE25 for 25% off your entire order (excluding sale).

Hurry! 7 days only, December 4-10, 2020!

Happy shopping and Merry Merry!


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