Tina, here.

It's October, there's a nip in the air in Nashville and I've already picked up some pumpkins for my porch (in white, of course). My friend Julia and I always say we come alive every fall. I absolutely adore everything fall. Fall colors, fall clothes, fall food, fall football and hockey, fall hikes, fall fires, and now I want some salty caramel hot chocolate please and thank you.


Every month I hunt and gather here my short list of must-haves to get you through the month, stylishly. You lovely souls who've been with us for a while know that quite often you'll see the same pieces making reprise appearances, because who buys all new stuff every season, much less every month? And one of our core philosophies is all about buying classic pieces you can reinvent every season to drive the cost per wear down, and adding in some fun new trends we want to dip our little toe in (ugh those dangling prepositions). We're here to help you do that and not look stupid trying.



I'll be showing you all month how to mix and match October's must-haves. With each other, and with other pieces in your wardrobe so that every time you step out you feel like you're wearing something fresh and new. It's all in the mix, my dears. And this is how I dress; I just keep recycling my core pieces with a few new modern trends thrown in every season.

So, voila. Here are your October Must-Haves.

1. Something Camel


Camel is a perennial favorite, but it really takes center stage in my wardrobe come fall. I loooove wearing camel with grey. Like it's my favorite. And this season camel is new again. Fair skin tones will want a deeper caramel, and more olive tones can pull off lighter camels. You're looking for contrast so your skin doesn't resemble a sickly pallor. By the way, a sleeveless turtleneck is everything. It's a brilliant layering piece in fall. (Your Style Vault Insiders, including Complete Insiders, can shop all my must-haves inside my new collection.)

2. Cabin Fashion (related to Western Glam)


When my marketing team redecorated their offices in a cabin theme, I knew cabin fashion was a thing beyond just my love affair with it. You all are familiar enough with my Western Glam obsession, and the past couple years I've been broadening that horizon by collecting Pendleton flannels and Woolrich plaid throws from the flea market. My brother is a lumberjack, for real. And he has the coolest boots, so naturally I just got my own pair of genuine Timberland hiking boots with the red strings and all. I'm just saying that with Nashville style going mainstream, we're gonna show you how to pull it off without looking kitschy. So stay tuned for more cabin fashion know-how.

3. Ankle Booties


Ankle booties are still huge this fall. So it's a good thing you bought like 46 pairs last year. Ha but really, it seems like the only shoes in summer are flip flops and the only shoes in fall and winter are ankle booties. I have some dressy pairs and some casual pairs. The good thing about ankle booties is that now that flare jeans are back in (they never went out), ankle booties fit underneath!



4. Off-The-Shoulder


It's so nice that a classic look like off-the shoulder blouses can become "trendy" so that folks like us can stock up on the best of the best to have in our closets when good ones become scarce again, when the rest of the antsy fashion world has moved on to the next thing. Your summer off-the-shoulder tops might transition to fall if they aren't too thin or overtly summery. Neutrals and solids tend to ease into different seasons a bit smoother, like this grey top. I'm showing you how to do this later in the month here on the blog.

Style tip: don't forget: a woman's shoulders always look beautiful and young. This is why off-the-shoulder is another perennial classic that happens to be on trend at the moment.

5. Something Velvet


Ok, I know you won't believe me, but I have to tell you that I've also been a coonhound on velvet for years, and now here it is in fresh glory. Remember last year I told you to get some velvet heels? Aren't you glad you did? And you know every man out there has one black velvet blazer he wears to every holiday party, every year. Well, tell him to get it dry-cleaned, and you may want to get some velvet yourself. If you didn't partake last fall and winter don't fear, I've got all these October must-haves, including a pair of velvet heels, for you to shop inside Your Style Vault. Not a Your Style Vault member? No problem. Simply sign-up here for your Free 5-day Trial and start shopping our collections today.

Style tip: The thing about these must-haves is that even though they may be making new appearances on shelves and racks in stores, the older versions you have probably do look outdated. Unless you're sporting a truly vintage shearling-lined flannel shirt from Pendleton for example. But your old J.Crew velvet blazer, dolls, is tired. Especially if it has ruffles on it. Remember those?!

6. Black jeans


I used to despise black jeans. Isn't it funny how our tastes evolve. But in my defense I despised the black jeans of yore that were kinda acid wash or faded to an ugly, dirty, streaked dark grey. Black jeans must be jet black, with no streaking or fading. Mkay cupcakes? Barbara talks about her love of black jeans and you can see how she wears hers here.

So my friends you need a little camel and velvet, a little cabin fever and whiff of a shoulder, and top it off with a pair of black jeans and ankle booties, stir it all together and you're gonna have about 75 outfits once I show you how to wear all this together. You're going to look so classic, current and gorgeous. You can follow me here to see all my posts. Be sure to subscribe, too, so you don't miss upcoming posts on how to wear all these great pieces! (Your Style Vault Insiders, you can login now and start shopping.)