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When you all send me suggestions for posts, I love it. It saves me from that sometimes-feeling of what in the world am I going to write about that won't bore you to tears? At my last photo session I literally said to Krissy, I think I've managed over the last 15 years to post every iteration and combination I possibly can extract from my personal wardrobe. And then, lo and behold, the clouds parted, the haze disappeared, and the 375648th way to wear jeans struck me. If only it were that scintillating. But, nevertheless, I bring you today, and many thanks goes out to you, Tamara, for the idea, how to dress for an outdoorsy adventure and not look ridiculous.

Fall Outdoorsy Outfits

First of all, the key is,...wait for it...yes, layering. As always. But the concept of layering really applies here beautifully because you can start out on a brisk hike on a cool morning, and be burning up midway through the descent up the mountain. So you need layers you can peel off and stow away while moving.

First layer for me is a henley, cotton or wool, depending on your temps. Next, a vest, then a jacket, and finally topped off with a large scarf. Add gloves and hat if needed. Make sure your jacket has pockets where you can stow gloves and hat when not in use.

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Hiking boots are a doozy. It's hard to find ones that aren't super manly, but are sturdy and yet comfortable. Don't worry too much about warmth, because you can add warmer socks when you need to. I like traditional hiking boots, but I know there are plenty of "smart" boots out there for the serious gear collectors. I'm looking for boots I can waltz into lunch or dinner wearing, without changing. They must be brown. I think black hiking boots are very heavy and clunky.






I made a little video on Building A Sweater Wardrobe. To watch, click here.

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