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One of the most oft-asked questions I get is how to wear belts. Since I'm a big believer in devoting most of your budget to the classics, and filling in with inexpensive accessories to reinvent your wardrobe each season, belts are a fun way to do this. And yes, you can wear a belt. You just have to know how.

It's really not that hard. The key to wearing belts, like wearing most accessories, is not to take it too seriously. No fussing allowed. Otherwise you'll lose the nerve to wear one and the cool belts you keep buying will keep hanging with the tags on them in your closet.

Step by step how to wear a belt:

1. Get dressed. Throw on a dress, a blouse with jeans, or either of those outfits and add a jacket.

2. Wrap a belt around your waist, or where your waist used to be.

3. If you have a loooong tail at the end because the belt was made to wear around your hips, just let it hang (or I often wrap the end over and under so the tail isn't quite so long).

See? Easy-peasy. You'll make a mistake if you try too hard.

One thing I like to do is wear my jacket like a wrap in front, instead of buttoning it or zipping it. Think of a trench coat with a sash. You don't ever button it and then tie the sash, you wrap the coat around you and tie the sash, leaving it closed, but unbuttoned. Like this. Or this.

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Notice my combination of a white summer sundress with a brown jacket and cognac pumps. It's a great way to transition from summer to fall, by changing the color combinations of what you wear.

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Tip: Replace the belt that comes with the jacket with a leather or suede one for a different, and sharp, look.

Style tip: The taller you are, the wider a belt you can wear. The converse is also true.


If you need help figuring out how to wear a belt, you can email me! [email protected]

Happy Fall and thank you for visiting.





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