Tina, here.

I was recently asked what are the 3 biggest mistakes Barbara and I see women making when it comes to their wardrobes.

Easy peasy.

1. Buying and wearing the wrong shapes for your body type, or wearing clothes that don't fit well.

Clothes that don't fit well

Look at this! You'd never know I had a figure under there if I wore pants that fit like this (on the left), that basically fit like men's pants. The whole loose, rumpled mom-khaki thing makes me look wider, shorter and sloppy. And it's awful. You don't need to wear tight clothes. Just clothes that fit where they should.

2. You're still dressing like a camp counselor (boxy t-shirts, capris and running shoes during the day) or a sorority girl (too many short skirts, leggings and sweet ruffles in your closet) or like your mother-in-law (roomy cardigans, "comfort" shoes that aren't attractive, and readers on gold chains).

Times have changed. Time for your wardrobe to change, too.

3. Wearing an outdated trend.

And there are soooo many right now because we've seen a big mash-up in fashion in the past 6 - 8 months. You've heard us talking about the demise of skinny jeans, and there are more styles in danger of a demotion, too. You probably need to know what they are.

So the question for you is...how are you gonna find out and is your wardrobe ready for a new season?


Our roots are in wardrobe consulting. We're real stylists here in Nashville. And we work with everyday, real women. That's what we love to do. Since it’s finally Fall we're in closets every day cleaning out the old, digging up treasures that can be reinvented, and finding the holes we need to update with new additions. And we're having a ball helping women who are totally intimidated (we're actually pretty fun and easy-going) or too busy to shop or just plain love to shop with a stylish advisor for a different perspective.


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We can update your wardrobe, and would you believe us if we said that we can take 20 pounds and 10 years off your life? Dolls. We can and we will. It's what we do. We've been in over 1,000 closets in almost 10 years and we know our way around an update (or an overhaul). We can transform your wardrobe, and your life.


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