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I can barely speak the words “Back to School.” It’s still summertime! But, yes, school starts for a large portion of the country in August, and almost everywhere fall fashion is arriving in the stores. Now that makes me happy. I anticipate new fall clothing almost as much as I do hockey season. What gets me most excited about August? That first morning it feels cooler, that first evening when it’s not humid after sunset. And buying my first fall must-have. We have a HUGE Back To School edition planned for you, but these are the Fall trends you need to know about now to prepare your wardrobe for the new season. And, I am quite happy about the direction fashion is taking this Fall.

Here, dolls, are your August Must-Haves to get you ready for Fall's best looks. Shop early to save!

Fall Trends: The "Lady" Look Endures

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She "gets dressed." She's put-together. She cares. She's not just wearing athleisure all day. (Hallelujah) She is casually elegant. Emphasis is on casual, yes, but don't miss the nod to ladylike style.

Of course, all this "Fall Trends 2018" talk is music to my ears and sweet solace to my wardrobe, which is full of timeless classics and lady looks. Hurray! I can keep recycling what I own, and collecting more while the gettin's still good this season for tasteful wardrobe building blocks.

Sidenote. An observation for those interested in the psychology of fashion and buying habits: historically, during times of national unrest, consumers tend to buy pieces that are more classic, and less trendy. We find ourselves spending more on clothes that have endurance and lasting quality. "Replacement clothing" suffers (think cheaper, trendier purchases), while the very special (think exclusive or very expensive) and the more classic categories on the spectrum are the ones that consumers spend on, and thus are offered by retailers. 

Five Fall Trends That Are Actually Gorgeous Classics

1. Color: Luminescent White and Ivory

Now I hope you will finally believe me when I say you can wear white after Labor Day. But limit yourself to everything but white shoes. And still avoid white straw, wicker and thin linen after the official end of Summer. This Fall you will see so many whisper soft whites, ivories, oysters, pearls, etc. Look especially for suede and wool. But fair lace is going strong into Fall, too.

Lace and crochet are still having a moment. Perhaps even more so with this throw back to heritage themes. It's not overly Victorian or girly, so pairing your lace with faded jeans for daytime is the perfect match. Add a black pencil skirt or satin ball gown skirt for evening.

More luminescence for Fall in pale tones:

2. Pattern: Plaid, Animal Prints

Menswear seems to always want to make an appearance for Fall fashion. This Fall we're seeing it in Glen plaid, a quintessential classic. Also, animal print is going white, too. It's giving us more white backgrounds, like zebra and snow leopard.

3. Themes: Western Glam (FINALLY!) & Heritage

My altar ego, as you know, rides horses, wears suede, fringe and beaded cowgirl jackets, and lots of concha turquoise belts. Throw in some heritage à la American patchwork quilts, fairisle wool and shearling and call me Chenoa (White Dove).

4. Silhouette: Ruching

Thank the fashion gods for this one, dolls. Ruching is fashion's gift to all women everywhere who want to dress ten pounds lighter.

5. Pumps: Ladylike & Classic

Good riddance to clunky platforms and chunky heels. Come on in and stay a while, delicate heels and embellished pumps. There's a place for you, too, cowboy boots, because, Western Glam.

I don't want to ever see you wearing these so-called trends of 2018, dolls. These are not allowed, m'kay cupcakes? '80's inspired acid wash jeans, Grace Jones-esque silhouettes like square shoulder pads, and plastic clothes. Kthx.

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