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It's the official start of football season!!! This is a real hard wardrobe call. What to wear to a football game. Especially when it's so hot, as it is apt to be in the South for SEC games. I see it all the time. Women dressed in crayon colors, and worse, in men's jerseys. There is a huge caveat: high school football and younger ages, wear the heck out of your son's (or daughter's) jersey and paint your face and cheer/scream the whole game. Once you graduate to the NFL, let's all dress like adults. Except unless your son is playing in a National Football League game, then you can do whatever you want. Mkay cupcakes?


Allow me to go into a bit more detail. The do's and don't's of what to wear to a football game.

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So let's look at some gameday outfits that are oh so team spirit-worthy without scaring the children. First the basics.

I like going casual for football games. So jeans or cords are fine. But your top needs to be kind of nice. If your team colors are black and red, how about a buffalo check button-down with dark blue jeans? If your colors are purple and gold, how about a purple top with maybe big gold hoops (earrings)? You gettin' the idea?

What about your handbag or clutch? You do not want to get caught at the gate with one that's too big! The official NFL site gives the measurements you're allowed to carry in with you:

Small clutch bags, which cannot exceed 4.5" x 6.5" in size, with or without a handle or strap can be taken into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bags.

All you need is a place to hold your phone, lip gloss, driver's license and cards, and possibly mints. No need for your sunglasses case to fit - it won't - only bring them if you plan to wear them the whole game.

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