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This question may have crossed your mind, does it look weird to wear sneakers with dresses? Not if you're wearing the right sneakers with the right dress! In other dress news, dresses present a particular problem this Summer. There are too many ugly, childish and expensive ones out there. I've been collecting good dresses for a while because only a few years ago you could hardly find a decent one. But recently, dresses have been en vogue, so it's a great time to stock up, if you can find the good ones. Meaning, they aren't one foot from top to bottom, don't have weird cut-outs in inappropriate places, and aren't covered in ruffles. I've compiled the prettiest ones here for you that are wearable now, and will have a good shelf-life. Because once this trend has passed, it'll be years again before you can easily find a dress. Oh, and even though I've got lots of inexpensive options sprinkled throughout, I've included a special "Under $100" section, too!

Pretty Summer Dresses

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Casual Day Dresses

Sneakers and Dresses

Daytime Event Dresses

Toppers and Jackets With Summer Dresses

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Going-Out Dresses

Evening Event Dresses

Summer Dresses Under $100

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