Tina, here.

You are about to be a part of a rare and exclusive offer. A company I've fallen in love with is offering for the first time ever an exclusive discount to our Insiders, on their most popular skirt. 20% off - can you believe it!! I'm telling you, these are skirts every body can wear. Every shape, every age. When I started my company 12 years ago I kept seeing these darling skirts in my clients' closets (in fact I still remember the first one I saw - remember the patchwork one, Amy?). Gorgeous patterns, beautiful fabrics, and my clients loved them. I was just happy they weren't wearing gym shorts or spandex every day. Fast forward a few years and I was taking an entrepreneur course, and met the famous Suzanne Sevier Rowland of Sevier Skirts.

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We're all wearing the Chuck! You can order it in a-line or pencil, and get it in any length you want.

I could see why my clients love these skirts. Over 50,000 of these skirts have been scooped up by women all over the country. Suzanne grew her company 150% every year for five years. There's something extraordinary about these skirts.

Take a look at how we all styled the Chuck, in various lengths, colors, pencil style and a-line style. You can choose! But don't order it without your 20% off discount code!

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