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Merry after-Christmas Day, aka Boxing Day! I thought about you all yesterday and wondered how you were spending your holiday. I feel like time stops on Christmas Day, don't you? But the day after Christmas I am already thinking about 2018, planning for the year. This particular 2018 declaration was made December 7, 2017... and the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is ...drumroll...Ultra Violet. My first thought? Ugh. Second thought? Ew. My third thought? There's only one way to wear it. With white! Or gray. And since it's winter, I'm starting with pale silvery gray.


Ultra Violet is just so, well, ultra. About the only "ultra" thing I wear is ultra white. But, learning from Christian Dior, gray is the perfect color to showcase every other color. Ultra violet is a "blue-based purple" so I am leaning more on the blue side of purple with this top (similar), but deep, rich purples look gorgeous on brunettes!

How To Wear Ultra Violet




My purple shade of choice leans more grape I'd say. I also love a deep plum.





Come spring (or if you're a recovering Southerner, now is fine) wear your violet with winter white. Or forgo the clothing option and choose accessories for just that pop of violet.





How To Use Ultra Violet-ish In Your Home






Do you like ultra violet? I'm more of a lilac, lavender, mulberry kind of fan. But I would love to know what you think about ultra violet!

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