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There's nothing like a tragedy to bring into sharp focus what matters in life. Thank you each of you who have personally emailed me to check on my family. Each note means so much to me. We are fine, but so many are not. The tornadoes that tore through our state, and Nashville, have created much loss and devastation. I went today to help a friend, and it is more devastating than you see on TV. So many have lost everything. Not to mention all their clothes. Clothes are necessary, but nice clothes are a luxury. If you have some to spare, please consider donating. I am collecting clothing to give my friends in East Nashville who have neighbors who have lost nearly everything. I would love to have boxes and boxes of nice clothes to give them. I have a pile started already. When I think I'm done, I'm challenging myself to add more. Will you join me?

You can mail clothing to me at 2039 Elliott Ave, Nashville, TN 37204. I'll share with you the stories of those you are helping. We can clothe our brothers and sisters in need! Thank you dear friends! This is something we can do together!

This is my friend Wendy. We're standing in front of her office building which was spared, and only has roof damage from a large tree falling on it. That's my brother's dog, Bo. My brother, a tree climber and arborist, was around today, too, helping people out and removing trees and limbs. We were offered lunches by about 7 different people - children who had made them, restaurants donating, and neighbors. There were scads of folks who had organized into small crews, walking into the neighborhood carrying shovels, rakes, and I don't even know what else. They don't call us the Volunteer State for nothing!

I just feel like a toad writing a post on anything at the moment. But, we carry on by carrying on and keeping the wheels turning. So, here we go.

Winter To Spring Transition With 2 Pieces

I like a layering piece like a lightweight jacket, and a great pair of faux suede pants - skinny or straight. Why faux? Because they're affordable, and you don't have to worry about getting caught in the Spring rains.

For Spring, I like to have an unlined or unstructured jacket that I can layer over sweaters, and eventually blouses as it gets warmer.

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