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Have you noticed? Hiking boots/snow boots are the winter version of Birkenstocks for the young. And for some reason they call them hiker boots, but whatever, they are hiking boots to me. They are everywhere. On a perfectly sunny day when it's, say 50 degrees outside, there they are. Often seen with skirts (terrible). Now, everywhere you turn, you'll see them. And, per usual, I rejoice! Because it means that a beloved classic, like good ole mountain hiking boots, that have become trendy gives the rest of a chance to stock back up while the gettin is good... because as soon as you can say as seen on the fall runway, they're gone and the fashion obsessed have rediscovered another classic to reinterpret. I'm seriously hoping the next classic-turned-trend will be jeweled cateye sunglasses à la 1950's. But for now, today, if you ever wanted a classic pair of hiking boots or snow boots (or hiker boots), this is your day. We'll be wearing them correctly, though, but that is not to say you can't wear them on a perfectly sunny day. It means do not wear them with skirts. Mkay cupcakes?


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My Aunt Coco used to embroider wool hiking socks, and one summer she taught me. I went bananas making them. I even made a little cottage industry out if it, selling them while I was in grad school at an old-fashioned gardening shop.

These are serious snow boots. You can protect them from rain and snow if they are suede with this repellant.  I actually apply this to all my suede shoes once a year.

Several high-end snow boots are already waterproof. But you'll pay for it. May be worth it if you buy the right ones that will last ten years. Cost per wear!

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Hiking Boots and Snow Boots For the Classic-Loving Crowd (oh ok, and Hiker Boots, Too)


Happy Snow Day (praying)! Thank you for stopping by and shopping!





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