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How are you feeling, my friends? I know your schedule has picked up tremendously and you are scurrying here and there and everywhere, and hopefully singing Christmas carols in your heart as you do. To stay sane and joyful! I bet your parties have picked up, too. That's why in our new guide, Holiday 2018 Wardrobe Capsule, I'm showing you what to wear to EVERYthing this season. From office parties, to Christmas cocktails, holiday dinner with neighbors, Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, and more. And the grand total of the 5 pieces in the Capsule is under $500! Not only that, but I'm showing you how to style each piece into January, and then again into Spring. Cost per wear!

(Dress, blazer, similar pumps or these shown above.)

Here's a little peak inside the members-only guide to see what I'm showing for Holiday Office Parties.

To strike the right note, you don't want to come across as alluring, but rather smart and clever. No matter if you're part of the company team or a guest or family member. You want to wear something special, just not sexy. No cleavage, not too much leg above the knees, you get the idea. That LBD you have in your closet can be holiday-ed up with some festive accessories!

Insiders, you can now access this Members-Only Holiday Wardrobe Capsule. I'd recommend getting in there now to shop  because the deals won't last and items sell out FAST!

Not a member? No problem! This is the perfect moment to join the 5 day FREE trial! You'll also have access to all the members-only guides and videos like our all-new 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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