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Why have I avoided a post dedicated to wearing masks? Because number one, I don't like the idea of making something as utilitarian as masks into a style statement (or spending the money on it), and number two, I've been wearing mostly scarves and bandanas, not masks, and number three, I hope hope hope we can leave masks behind someday soon (except for on planes and in certain situations because I'm sure there will be a reason to wear them from now til eternity). But, I decided it really was time to devote some space to masks, or rather how to transform your scarves into masks! Ok so it's really, really about how to wear scarves. You get my drift.

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When it comes to mask wearing, I wear my scarf slash mask in one of two ways. I start with the Tout Simple knot (it's the second knot in the guide), and just move the knot from the front or side to the back of my neck, and tighten it so the scarf will stay put on my mouth and nose. Remove your lipstick!


The other way is a version of the Tout Simple....Instead of wrapping the scarf around once, I wrap it twice, and up closer to my neck (stewardess style - and I use that term because it's a very 1970's throwback term and style). It makes it a little easier to tighten up when you need it to be a mask. 


You can also wear your scarf backwards, letting the long ends trail behind you, and when you're ready to mask up, tie them in a knot behind you. This method only really works with heavier, longer scarves.

Refer to the Guide for more illustrations and directions on how to wear scarves. It's pretty intuitive how to transform them into the mask you need at that moment. 

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