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I pack people. And I'm a Spartan when it comes to it. As in, I'm going to pack you for spring vacation, or any upcoming beach trip you may have, for 7 days with 13 items and 13 outfits. Why are you skeptical? Where is your faith in me?

How To Pack for Spring Break

Here is my packed carry-on sized suitcase. I even left you room for your toiletries (look far left) and your lingerie, which goes in the mesh pocket on the top of the suitcase. What helps is that you are wearing an extra outfit on the plane or in the car. These items don't count towards my 13 because they didn't have to fit in the suitcase. 😉 You are also wearing the only jewelry you are taking.

Notice anything, say, like you see only 3 colors? My beach vacation wardrobe is built around white, turquoise and black. Everything goes with everything else. Including my jewelry, shoes and handbags. This is how I create multiple outfits with a few pieces.

Here we have a white denim skirt, which you saw earlier this week, and 3 t-shirts: in white, black and turquoise. A pair of wedges, some bracelets and turquoise earrings are just some of the accessories we're incorporating.

Now, I am aware that you, dear one, are going to stuff some more things into your suitcase. That is why this list is bare bones, so you have room to do so. But if you are a rule-follower, you can make it with just these 13 items (it will be better for you and the people around you if there are laundry facilities). So here's what you're packing for a beach vacation:

  1. 3 t-shirts
  2. 1 going-out top
  3. 1 tunic/cover-up
  4. 1 pair of shorts
  5. 1 skirt
  6. 1 pair of white jeans
  7. 1 dress
  8. 1 sweater
  9. 1 pair of flip-flops
  10. 1 pair of wedges
  11. 1 bathing suit

Add it up and you've got 13 pieces going into your suitcase, besides lingerie and toiletries. We'll get to your carry-on bag in a bit. It has your nighttime clutch in it.

How To Pack For a Beach Vacation

Here's your go-to daytime outfit and casual evening outfit: the white denim skirt with any of the 3 t-shirts (it's v-neck I promise) and your flip-flops. Switch to the wedges for evening.

For bike rides, walks and maybe a trek to the outlets, you'll want shorts.

I chose my grey shorts from Target because they look good with every color t-shirt I am bringing. I act like I'm really going on this beach vacation. I'm not. Maybe I missed your invitation? Maybe you don't have my correct email address?

The denim skirt, white jeans and dress are for evenings. The denim skirt is the least casual. You're going to mix and match the t-shirts and going-out top with the white denim skirt and white jeans, and you can add the tunic to the mix with the white jeans. Wear the wedges at night to make everything a bit more special, and add your clutch.

How To Pack for a Beach Vacation

This top is pale grey and white, natch, so it goes with everything I own. And yes, I realize I am wearing shoes with ankle straps. The straps are (a) very narrow and (b) hit at the smallest part of my ankles. So they're allowed. But thanks for being my fashion police.

There's always a cool night at the beach. So bring a light sweater and carry it on your arm when you go out to dinner.

Your beloved white jeans can make their debut on Spring Break. Mine have been out for a while, but the rest of you traditionalists can feel completely correct in wearing them at the beach now, and when you return home. 

What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

Extra points for ironing a crease down the front of your jeans. It creates a long, lean line, fyi.

What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

Guess what this is dolls? My swimsuit cover-up moonlighting as a going-out top/tunic. Perfect with my white jeans. Just give it a wash a couple times during the week, and you'll be fine! Genius, right? By the way, I have provided my favorite swimsuits, cover-ups and tunics for Style Vault Insiders . Click here for more info on how to get them for yourself.

For a splurge night at a fabulous restaurant, bring out the dress.

What To Pack For a Beach Vacation

This ruched dress is such an easy style to wear. It's a long cotton t-shirt, essentially, that is also a flattering wrap style. Add wedges and your clutch and you're ready for cocktails. (For my picks for the best wrap dresses, check out the Style Vault.)

Oh, what's that? It sure looks familiar.

What To Pack For a Beach Vacation

Here's that tunic/cover-up acting like a cover-up over my swimsuit. I have a "no jewelry" policy at the beach and pool. I've heard too many sad stories to risk it. My swimsuit is from Target last season, but I chose my faves from this season, along with lots of other swimsuits for every shape and size, that you can see and purchase inside the Style Vault.

And now for your carry-on handbag. Remember when I taught you that clever trick last week, the one about putting your smaller evening clutch inside your larger handbag ? That comes in real handy here.

What Tp Pack For a Beach Vacation

So here's my carry-on: along with my sunglasses, water and any meds, I have some makeup, my beach book, a magazine and my evening clutch, which is where my money and cards live for the trip. It's a bag inside a bag.

So now that that's taken care of, you can spend the rest of your day googling the best places to eat and shop while you're on vacation!

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Thanks for reading and be sure to check out how we serve the fine folks of Nashville as their wardrobe consultants. We have a ball doing it!

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