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It always seems to me Fall requires more from my wardrobe than Summer. After-hours events are starting to ramp back up as school is back in session and vacations are over. After-work meetings and happy hours with friends and colleagues are easier to plan and you get higher attendance, so it's not unusual for me to have something several nights a week. And it's so easy to get kinda nonchalant slash lazy about planning a day to evening outfit first thing in the morning when I know I won't be able to swing by home later to change. So I've got a little formula I use.


black pants + white blouse + blazer ------> black pants + black shell + sparkly clutch

By Day

You've got to stick to a pretty classic color palette to pull this off because you're not changing your whole outfit. Just a couple elements you can keep at your office or bring with you, so everything has to go with everything else.

A blazer says I mean business (or at least, I want to look pulled together) and so if you just leave it in your car or at the office at the end of the day, you're making the clearest transition from work to play. Then just wear your white blouse with a festive clutch and pumps, or a silk shell you can change into if you've got a place to do that. If you're headed to something more casual, instead of changing your top, you could change out your black pants for jeans and keep on your blazer. Add a clutch and fun shoes. Has the same effect. (See examples below.)

My go-to pulled together outfit has always been killer black pants (these are mine) and a killer white blouse (this has long been my favorite - if it's sold out, they do restock!). The simpler something is, the more perfect it has to be. Think about it. Men wear this combination. Servers in hotels and restaurants wear it. So it has to be really good if you're going to so you don't look like either of these.

Black pants are so easy to make them do whatever you need them to, they can go to a board meeting, a party, or a game. To take them to an evening dinner or drinks, the accessories you choose will determine how dressy you want to be.

By Night


I've been known to change in my car. It is required to have tinted windows, though! Thank you for visiting. And since it's a new season, I'm bringing you all-new, members-only Shopping Guides and downloads.  Stay tuned!





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