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Have you noticed that velvet is everywhere right now??  I mean, it's been around for a while, and it really never disappeared for holiday outfits (the ubiquitous men's velvet blazer at every holiday party), but velvet is seriously a bona-fide fashion trend right now for both the gents and the ladies.  Which, of course, means there are pitfalls and rules to wearing velvet.  And I, of course, am here to share them with you.


Ahhhh, I really really like this velvet jacket on Eddie Redmayne. It's a great dark teal, not the overdone black, has just the right amount of sheen (not shine) and it's just smokin' hot, if I do say so myself.


Look familiar? If you have something like this hiding in your closet, or you wore it this holiday or plan to wear it this Winter, don't. It's too shiny. Crushed velvet is typically not what you want.

Now, most of you will have an old velvet (or faux velveteen) skirt or blouse (like the one above) or blazer hanging in the back of your closet, or if you did and we tossed it, it was for good reason.  Don't be upset.  It was probably the wrong kind of velvet. The major velvet fouls are: crushed velvet, velveteen, too shiny, or oversized.


Again, not the right velvet. It's too shiny and looks cheap. That's because it is - it's velveteen, which is faux.

Here are a few gorgeously turned out velvet creations.  Look at the difference in sheen and fit compared to your Laura Ashley or Chico's oversized velvet blouse from the '90's.  Yes, I do know you.

Velvet dress by Balenciaga

This velvet Balenciaga dress has a rich pile on pile effect, making it lush and adding depth.  I'm sure it has a rich price, too.  via Pinterest

Balenciaga, velvet

Another Balenciaga velvet creation.  Compare it to the J. Crew pink velvet tee below and you'll see what I mean by sheen (good) and shine (not so good).  via Pinterest

j crew pink velvet tee

Ok so now you're getting the hang of spotting good velvet vs. less desirable velvet?  As cute as this pink velvet tee is, and as tempted as I may be to buy it, it is not the kind of piece you'll caress in your hands ten years from now saying, "wow, this is such a beautiful piece of art."  via Pinterest

Tom Ford | Velvet Heels

I'd really love to have this pair of velvet heels, please and thank you.  See how the velvet is raised and looks almost stiff, even though it will feel soft and plush to the touch.  via SadieandDasie

Now for how to wear your velvet?  With jeans, of course!  For that high/low glam but casz look.

Roseberg Sweetheart Top In Navy Velvet

The sheer trend is not going anywhere anytime fast, so this is a great way to wear velvet in the Spring.  And with your favorite pair of jeans!  via Beyond the Rack

The perfect pair of velvet jeans

How about the perfect pair of boot cut velvet jeans to get you through the rest of winter?  By MIH.  Coco in Nashville carries MIH.  via Pinterest 

colorful velvet blazer

How about a velvet jacket or blazer in a bright color?  Just make SURE it is not shiny!  Because that would be a lot of velvet coming at ya.  Similar style here at Target for $27.98.  via Pinterest

Bowfold Velvet Clutch  ~

How about a velvet clutch?  And yes, if it is in a pale color, like the yellow velvet clutch above from Anthropologie, you can carry it year-round, even with jeans.  via Anthropologie

Jeans & velvet slippers.

I love a velvet smoking slipper.  Especially with jeans.  As you can see most of these velvet pieces I've suggested pairing with jeans.  It just makes the whole thing a bit less fussy and Victorian.  Similar style here by Cole Haan at Zappo's for $148.50  via Sunshine and Pearls

I hope you'll try out velvet - look for it on sale now, since it's the end of the season and Spring is right around the corner. About time, too!

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