Tina, here.

Who else was sick all January? I had about 4 days total of feeling halfway normal. And you know what? There weren't even any snow days to justify staying in! But I live in Nashville and it's snowed many an Easter Sunday, so I'm still hoping, apologies to Punxsutawney Phil.

One thing I've noticed that's been steadily growing in popularity are vintage blouses. Specifically broderie anglaise.  I would like to "recover" them because I don't want to wear a gorgeous hand-embroidered or lace blouse with high-waisted ripped jeans and look like I'm posing as a millennial doing so. So here's how to wear vintage right. 

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How To Wear Vintage Without Looking Like A Hipster (not that there's anything wrong that) 

1. Leather & Lace

Be sure you toughen up a vintage piece with something a bit rough, like a shearling-lined suede coat. The yin-yang is important.









2. Something old + Something new

You don't want to be a caricature of Victorian times and wear "granny boots" which are what they call combat boots today, or a velvet waistcoat. Juxtapose something new and modern with a vintage blouse, like jeans and a designer belt. 


3. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Look for beautiful old lace blouses at flea markets and fairs. If you love your grandmother's pearl-encrusted cashmere cardigan, wear it for goodness sake and who cares if it smells like mothballs. You can freeze it to remove the smell, and re-freeze it to ward off the next batch of moths. Wear it over a v-neck white t-shirt with faded jeans. Très French! New is fine, too, of course.


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