Tina, here.

Yes, it's really me. I didn't disappear (except for a few days). But the technology dragons practically kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured me. If you thought you were stuck in Groundhog Day, you weren't. My email service was. At least for part of that imprisonment I managed to escape to Paradise.

While I didn't see any coffee plantations, I know Karen Blixen could have forged her way here 100 years ago. Kiawah is magical. My alma mater is Furman University, but I hadn't returned to South Carolina in years, and this trip to Kiawah took my breath away. The landscape of ocean, lakes, river and marshes, the Michelin star chef, creating our signature cocktail, bike rides under the oaks and moss, beach walks and shell hunting, frolicking dolphins, ... you know, typical vacation hyperboles. But these are not hyperbolic.

And then there were the "public" (only for members) bathrooms, humbly called locker rooms.

I was just hanging out in here one night, while my friends were in the dining room. Two grand dames moseyed in, and one picked up a magazine and called to her friend in the other room, Alice, this sure is interesting. This magazine says we should be taking more time for ourselves. You know, we should really think about doing that. Well then what are they doing all day, anyway? I don't think these ladies were in the throes of a career at their stage in life, but I don't see how they can fit in more time for themselves among all the bridge playing, golfing, sunning and fine dining. But I could be wrong.

I sent this selfie to my friends at dinner in the other part of the club, letting them know I'd be here "taking time for myself" if they needed me. I could take my food home in a doggie bag.

I tried to buy Jae's shirt off his back, but he said he'd get in trouble. But good news! The staff figured out everyone wanted their shirts, so they'll be available at some point to the public. I hope and pray they won't ship them so I have to pick it up in person. 🙂

As you can imagine, there was other shopping that resulted in actual purchases. Can you even stand how cute this butterfly bag is? We stumbled into this adorable shop on King Street in Charleston, Sara Campbell. No surprise here, but one in our group had met the actual Sara Campbell a couple weeks before in Nashville at Vanderbilt graduation. Don't you love the South? I actually discovered Sara from a client of mine who had several of her dresses that I adored.

I used The Butterfly, as I call her, as my beach bag and evening bag all week. (Sadly, Sara Campbell does not have an online store.) I wore my Jack Rogers to the beach, rode bikes in them (not truly a good idea I'm sure), and wore them with my dresses in the evening. I could have worn my coverup (similar) at night, too, with a little slip under it. I'm an underpacker - everything must serve a dual role. This guide below shows you how I do it.


See how to pack for a beach vacation, shop my finds, and print off the packing list!


Fun fun all around and I'm counting the days til I have to go retrieve my Kiawah shirt at the Club.

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