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Everyone Always Wants To Know...What Happens In A Closet Cleanout?

Aside from going through the rows of jeans with bad stitching, babydoll tops and round toe shoes, we also uncover the gems hiding in the corners you'd never think I could salvage and make new again! It's that time of year when I'm in closets every week, followed by shopping trips and style sessions, getting fall wardrobes ready for the new season. And I love it so much.

To be invited into a woman's closet is a sacred thing. It's where so many emotions that are buried most of the time while we live our lives, seem to bubble up to the surface when we're trying on clothes and standing in front of the mirror. It's not all happy times and beautiful memories;  there's a lot of guilt and buyer's remorse, shame over clothes that don't fit anymore, and just plain frustration that nothing ever seems to come together and look right!

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My new client Leslie, who owns three locations of The Blowout Co in my city of Nashville, and one in Chattanooga, has bravely agreed to let us film the entire process from the Closet Cleanout, the Pre-Shopping, the Shopping Day and the Style Session. I'm giving you an unedited sneak peek of a raw cut from our first day (be gentle, please). You'll see I'm not so mean and we laugh a lot, and I love to teach you how to wear the right clothes the right way. And I forgot to tuck in my blouse before we started filming. Oopsie. (By the way, did you see my blooper in the Insider's Facebook group? And I have loooooved your questions and comments about all these great topics!)

Ok, dolls. Come on inside!

Insiders, there's more for you! Hop on over to our Insiders Exclusives to see more video from the cleanout! I'm showing Leslie why we're retiring a dress but reinventing it as a darling top for Fall. I'm also showing her why her jeans fail a major test, but pass another with flying colors. The "fail" can easily be rectified, too!

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