Tina, here.

It's not Fall yet, so I'm still wearing the heck out of my Summer favorites while I can. One such fave is this crochet skirt I've had since right after college (similar here and a longer one here). I remember buying it at the Ralph Lauren outlet in Chattanooga, TN. I could've cried I was so happy to find it. Never mind it was a 12. I had to have it and I figured since it was a wrap it could easily be altered. (And I did alter it. Altering is a way of life, ladies.) This was back when the RL outlet carried their very high-end labels and they were marked ridiculously low. Which worked for my church youth leader salary. I think I paid around $100, which actually was a hefty amount.

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The best top for a wrap skirt is something you can tuck in like a linen blouse, or a button down you can tie at the waist. I don't really like a fitted tee with wrap skirts. You do need something relatively fitted with a wrap skirt, I just think a tee is hard to get right because of the waistline of the skirt.



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