January Is For Wearing Joggers... Or Is It?

Tina, here.

Yes. Yes, it is. Yes, I'm going to wear joggers. In fact I've been wearing them. True story - about 10 years ago I had someone doing some marketing for me, and she was very, very on trend and cute and young, and she also wanted to help me shop for some of my clients. This particular client had been with me for years, and she was in her late 40's at the time. Remember, this was about ten years ago. Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyy before joggers were mainstream. My assistant wanted to put my client in joggers. I gave it a big fat no. I would not have any client of mine, much less one in her 40's, wearing something only tomboy teenage skateboarders in LA were wearing. My how times have changed. Sweatpants are now euphemistically called joggers.

Ok so actually sweatpants are different from joggers. Joggers are the cooler sister of the baggy '80's sweatpants version. Joggers have a narrower silhouette, and less of a paperbag effect around the ankles and waist.

Sweatpants. Ewww.

You can imagine - I have rules. Rules for wearing joggers. First of all, they are better than yoga pants and perhaps even some skinny jeans for this reason: you are exposing less. Another reason - they are more roomy, so more comfy. We can all get behind this in January. So what are the good joggers? And how do you wear them? I like velour because straight up cotton can get too baggy. I also like the look with sneakers, no socks. Gotta see the ankles. To tuck or not? Either, just make sure if your joggers are baggy around the waist, your top (preferably a tee of some sort) is somewhat fitted or loosely tucked.

This would also be a big fat no in my book. I do not like heels with joggers. Not at all.


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