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A great "in between seasons" palette for the summer to fall transition is navy and black. Remember when Oprah gave everyone permission to wear navy and black together? She did and you can. Here's the summer look:


And here's an early fall look:


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You can do this with jeans, skirts, reverse the items, whatever makes it easy. White-on-navy to black-on-navy and voila you have a new wardrobe!

My sweater is from Halsbrook and Saturday 8-31 is the LAST DAY to save 15% off everything on the site, including my top ten picks from their fall catalogue. Use code TINA15 at check out for the discount on full-price items. 

I love this sweater because you know how every fall you're looking for that perfect top that isn't wool but also not t-shirt thin? You need this cotton sweater that has just the right amount of stretch in it so it holds its shape, but not too much so you don't look sloppy within the hour. And you won't sweat in it when the temps rise during the day, and you can add a little jacket at night when it cools back off.



Here are some of my other favorite navy pieces for fall, and these are 15% off with our special discount code from Halsbrook, just for us Style Vault'ers! Use code TINA15 at checkout!

Shop The Look (here's the navy sweater - use code TINA15 for 15% off!)


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Happy shopping and thank you for visiting.





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