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Your Spring Wardrobe

Pink Cashmere Popover Sweater | Soler Print Cotton Top |  AG Stretch Jeans |  Eyelet Cotton Dress | Garter Stitch Cotton Sweater

Tweed Jacket | Mother Coral Ankle Jeans | Momoni Silk Blouse |  Brochu Walker Blue Cashmere Sweater | Saint James Sailor Dress

See the outfits below!

The secret to feeling polished and pull-together is to have the right clothes in your closet at the start of the season. And to know how to put the pieces together in different combinations so you always feel fresh and fabulous. Here are new styles and fresh colors from Halsbrook that put a smile on our faces, and a spring in our step. And pretty prints that inspire garden parties and soirees! Halsbrook has been offering beautiful, easy, classic clothing since 2012. Shopping on Halsbrook's website is an elegant experience, even more so with my 25% exclusive discount for Tina Adams Consulting readers and clients. Thank you Halsbrook!

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1. MOMONI Angelica Yellow Print Silk Blouse$366your price $274.50

2. MOTHER, The Hustler Coral High Waist Ankle Jean$218your price $163.50

Ooooh this silky, soft sorbet color blouse is just luscious. A pale, buttery yellow is pretty on anyone (it's the harsher yellows that are difficult to wear next to your face). And you know how iconic these Mother ankle jeans are, right? I looooove this coral color! Treat it like a neutral - don't be afraid to pair other colors with it like soft blues, yellows, greens and even pinks! And of course, a crisp white blouse or tee would be amazing, too.

3. BROCHU WALKER Lori Blue Cashmere Sweater$438your price $328.50

4. SAINT JAMES Tolede Square Neck Dress$209your price $156.75

I am in love with this pale blue cashmere sweater - it feels like the back of a lamb's ear, it's so soft. The color is truer to the image above than on me in the photos (we had a time with the light that kept shifting on us!). You can wear it as a boatneck (universally flattering to every woman) or slightly off your shoulder. I tossed it over the striped dress - great for a cool morning, and then you can tie it around your neck as the day gets warmer. A sailor dress is a MUST in every woman's Spring/Summer wardrobe, by the way. It's très French. That's why I'm always looking for good ones to show you. These sailor stripes are goldilocks - not too narrow and not too wide, but just right. And this dress has SPF protection!!

5. KINROSS, Pink Cashmere Popover Sweater$325your price $243.75

6. AG JEANS, Mari Blue Stretch Denim Jean$225your price $168.75


Errands, appointments and the ball field. All you need is a good-looking top and a great fitting pair of jeans to be pulled together for a day on the run. These jeans are perfection. It's because they are, ever-hard-to-find, SLIM. Not straight, not flare, not skinny, but SLIM. Which means they won't crawl up your calves or make your legs look like tree trunks, and you can wear any shoes with them - flats, wedges, sneakers. (Here's more on the do's and don't's of wearing jeans, with a video so you know what to buy and what to avoid). If you need a Spring top that can take temperature swings of 40 degrees in one day, this sweater is it. Such a good color and weight.

7. KINROSS, Orange Garter Stitch Cotton Sweater$275your price $206.25

8. HELENE BERMAN, Demi Light Pink Tweed Jacket$315your price $236.25

The color of the season is cantaloupe. In my opinion. It is just so cheerful and looks good on everyone! And a Spring cotton sweater that isn't bulky is a rare gift, and Kinross has done it. I think it's the garter stitch that keeps the weave tight so it doesn't get all sloppy. It comes in seven, yes seven colors! And you need a Spring topper. This tweed jacket is cut quite well, probably because it's British. You could wear it over a dress or with jeans. It has a little peach thread running through it (the description says pink), so it will go with just about every outfit you have.

9. SOLER, Raquel Yellow and Pink Print Cotton Top$265your price $198.75

What a lovely top! Perhaps one of my all-time favorites. An easy-to-wear print because it isn't too big or too twee, and it kind of reminds me of a batik fabric. Very breezy and soft. You can wear it with or without the sash. If you do wear it, make sure you tie the sash to the side and not in a big bow on your belly. The sash gives you the flexibility to wear it with a skirt or pants.

10. SAIL TO SABLE, Blue and Green Eyelet Cotton Dress, $218your price $163.50

For those hot, hot days when you don't want anything touching your skin, this is the dress for you. The drop hem keeps it from being too young and girly, but it is still feminine. I'd wear flats unless you're petite (here's a longer dress that is similar). The color is truer to the image above, because, outdoor lighting, ugh. This makes a great shorts and t-shirt substitute! And why not wear more dresses! If you're worried about your legs, just put on some self-tanner lotion like Jergens.

Thank you for stopping by, lovely readers! Don't forget to plug in the code TINASPRING to save 25% off your purchase.* That's at least $700 on my picks! I'd recommend getting in there now before items sell out. Sale ends Monday 3/27/23!

Thank you again, Halsbrook!


*Valid 3/23/23 through 3/27/23. Sale items, APC, Abbey Glass, Clare V, Connie Roberson, Gretchen Scott, Loretta Caponi, Temptation Positano and Vilagallo excluded. This post may contain affiliate links, and if you click a link or purchase something I have recommended, I may receive a thank you commission from the website. Clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, but does help me keep my site ad-free. 


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