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I can hear you telling me to talk to the hand. As though you don't believe {white} jeans could look good on you. Or if you already own 12 pairs like I do, why you need to read this post. Because this pair of {white} jeans I'm showing you today is the Perfect Pair. (This is not a sponsored post, btw. I own every piece of clothing I wear on the blog, which is why my philosophy of wearing what you have and reinventing it every season works so well:) )

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What makes white jeans look good on you? I say white, because if I can get you feeling good in white jeans, I can get you feeling good in any jeans! These are the (very hard to find online) "Bootcut Trouser" by Principle Denim Innovators. A bit dressier than a 5-pocket style, and much harder to find.

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How To Look Good In Jeans

Myth # 1: White jeans make you look bigger.

Fact: The wrong pair of white jeans will not flatter any figure, any size. The right pair of any jeans, including white jeans, can flatter any figure, any size. Yes, white accentuates flaws, but it's the jeans' fault, not your shape.

What makes them wrong? Fit and style, then fabric. The right fit and style for any shape, size or figure is, wait for it, ....you already know the answer, ... yes, a bootcut. That's because the slight flare at your ankles balances your hips and shoulders to give you a waist in the middle, creating an hourglass, the ideal figure. I dish on this in our new video, How To Shop For White Jeans.

Many of you grew tired of bootcut jeans and adopted skinny jeans. Skinny jeans took over the retail world about 5 years ago. They were the first really new thing to hit fashion in forever, so it was exciting and everyone sold them and everyone bought them. But not everyone achieves their best look in skinny jeans, which create an inverted triangle, focusing all the weight on the hips. That's why kick flare jeans or cropped jeans (like I'm holding, above left) are so great - you don't get that tapering at the ankles that is so unflattering on a lot of us.

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One reason I fell in love with these white jeans is that not only are they bootcut, but they are trouser jeans. Instead of a traditional 5-pocket style, they have side pockets. This detail makes them a bit dressier than regular jeans. Plus, being white, already elevates them.

Style tip: remove the pocket lining and sew down that pocket opening for a smooth look.

Myth #2: White jeans make your bum look big.

Fact: Bad pockets make your bum look big. One often-overlooked issue are the back pockets.

Getting the back packets right on jeans is a crucial element to looking good in your jeans. Not too high, not too low, and not too wide. Stitching (lack of it) is also an issue. I dish more on this in our new video, How To Shop For White Jeans.

Myth #3: You shouldn't buy your white jeans too tight.

Fact: The lighter the rinse, the more they stretch. This is ever so true of white jeans. They need to feel snug in the fitting room. If the fabric is substantial enough, like this Principle pair is, they won't be see-through.

One of the reasons I love these white trouser jeans so much is the fabrication: 94% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 1% Elastane. That bit of polyester helps maintain the shape of the jeans, and the 1% elastane is just the perfect amount to give them a bit of stretch. Any more is when you get into saggy bottom syndrome.

Now for some outfits with white jeans! It's basically my uniform, so here is a sampling, plus some great ideas for you to add to your wardrobe. Don't forget to call Gus Mayer to get your pair of  Principle Denim Trouser Jeans, and save 10% off! If you're not sure about size, go down rather than up. 615-383-4771  Ask for Beth or Selina.

You can shop more great white jeans outfits, plus lots of other fun looks, here!


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