Tina, here.

Ok, ok, ok. I hear you. I'm doing it, too. Wearing loungewear, that is. But I am in no shape to document this with a picture. I haven't worn makeup in 2 weeks. My skin has never looked better, actually! And I'm not sure what's going on with my hair. No product for one thing - I'm giving everything a break, I guess. I am still shaving, though, because ew. But I'm bringing you today some ways to get more life out of your loungewear pants, and not look like you're wearing pj's. Lots of us are WFH (I had to google it) so let's keep it classy, shall we?

WFH In Loungewear


Mine are Barefoot Dreams, and I can't find this  plush style anywhere! But these are very similar, and I've got more for you below.

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I was working from home at least a day a week, but now it's every day. I decided to step it up this week. The key for me is only buy loungewear that I could conceivably wear in regular life. I wish I could tell you that if you came by my house on a workday I'd be in regular life loungewear. Sometimes I look like a six year old dressed me. No excuses, really.

But when I am dressed like a working adult, I'm partial to very soft fabric for loungewear, like French Terry or whatever that delightful plush fabrication is that Barefoot Dreams makes. I bought my first pair of Barefoot Dreams pants off QVC, introduced to them by a friend. I used to buy Gap's bootcut yoga pants (but I don't think they were called yoga pants; it's just the same stretchy, wicking fabric). I also live in fleece in the winter. This time of year, my house is sometimes cooler inside than outside,  so I am in layers. I have been so happy to be home for lunch these weeks! I sit on my front porch and watch all the moms and dads chase their kids down the sidewalks. Anyway, here's my dream WFH wardrobe, and regular life, too.

I'll start by saying I'm not a fan of joggers. They catch on my skinny little calves, which makes no sense, but it drives me nuts. That's why I gave up (all but) skinny jeans. But I also think they look better on the younger set. So, no joggers on the list. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Oh, also, it's a short list, because I don't want you investing too much in loungewear. But I am showing you how to wear one pair of pants 5 ways, and so on and so forth, so you can see how to get your money's worth, without allowing yourself to become an actual professional lounger.

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Loungewear Pants

Loungewear Tops

Sweaters and a Dress!

Now let's wear this luscious loungewear in a classy way, ladies!

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