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It's July and the Fourth is on a weekend! Hurrah!

All-American Style

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days of the year. I mean I even get teary singing the Star Bangled Banner at hockey games. Every time. Please thank our country's founding fathers in your heart for their commitment to our freedom. The peaceful transference of power. The protection of our rights to own land, seek education and believe what we want, and say what we want. Do not take this for granted, my friends. And while you're at it, find it in your heart to forgive my wardrobe malfunction (I missed a belt loop, but whatever).

The month of July is full-on summer with a capital “S.” It’s peach cobblers, running around barefoot all Sunday, fireworks at night and falling asleep under the stars if you’re lucky. I want you to bask in the wonder that is the all-American summer. And look good.

All-American Style

This is a really famous brick wall in Nashville, in my neighborhood. I'm kind of as nerdy about my home state of Tennessee (the 3 stars) and my native city as I am my country. And Nashville has the nation's biggest fireworks show this year!

You're about to learn about another side of me that I've referenced a few times....July means I get to indulge my love for all-American style without apology. I love so many of the faces of American style: the Sporty Preppy look, the Classic Urban look and my favorite, Western Glam (whose close cousins are Boho Chic and Safari Chic). I'm going to show you how to embrace modern all-American style without looking like a character in a Ralph Lauren ad. (Brand new July Style Vault landed yesterday and it is chock full of amazing all-American styles for summer. Interested in learning more? Click here.)

All-American Style: Western Glam With a Touch of Boho

I have been obsessed with what I call Western Glam since I got my first beaded bracelet when I was about 6 years old, made by Native American women living on a reservation.

All-American Style

Now I wear these beaded cuffs all the time. You've noticed that, right? I get hooked on one thing and wear it out, literally. Hey, I'm driving that cost per wear down.

Here's how I do Western Glam now that I'm an adult.

1. Western Glam is faded jeans and a romantic blouse.

Nothing is studded or bedazzled, mind you. Or ripped or shredded. It's clean-cut and subtle.

All-American Style: Western Glam

Faded jeans are the new jeans. That's why I feature them in the Style Vault quite frequently. But they are just so "I've been workin' on the railroad, all the live long day" and I'm going to feel like a lady when I put on my flowy blouse. If your jeans are tight, the blouse is loose.

All-American Style : Western Glam

This blouse is actually quite famous. I bought it, let me see, oh 8 years ago at a tiny boutique in Nashville for $34.99. I loaned it to my designer Rachel Halvorson when I dressed her for a photo shoot for Garden & Gun. And boy did everyone want it! It was already several years old by that time. But guess what?! I found a similar one Vault members can shop from the July Style Notes. All new July Vault landed yesterday!


There she is! Rachel wore it better, but that's cause she's so Western Glam-cool herself. She is wearing my jewelry, too. Pieces I still wear. You can meet Rachel and discover her story in Garden & Gun here.

All-American Style: Western Glam

A couple other touches to complete my outfit are this carved turquoise ring I bought at a NYC flea market and my fringed deerskin bag I got at the Nashville Flea Market. Shop a similar bag inside the July Style Vault, Style Notes, if you're a member.

2. Western Glam is a prairie skirt (but be careful) and a cowboy hat.

But not to a barn wedding or a square dance. That would be too literal.

All-American Style: Western Glam

Traditional prairie skirts are usually made of a country fabric, so says Wikipedia. And ideal for a square dance. Doesn't that sound like fun? Square dances ARE fun, in case you were wondering. But keep your iconic all-American outfit from looking like a costume by pairing the skirt with frayed hem tanks (I layered my Rick Owens ones, bought at a consignment store) and a modern wedge. NOT cowboy boots.

All-American Style: Western Glam

I added my arrowhead earrings, but I promise I haven't overdone it. This is a great outfit to wear out to dinner or a fun shopping day.

3. Western Glam is a little bit boho. Key words "little bit."

This, dolls, is how to do it: don't wear your prairie skirt to a square dance. Wear it to a girls' night out. Don't wear your peasant blouse or ombré dress to a barn wedding. Don't do boho at an outdoor concert. Juxtapose the look against an unlikely setting. That's how you keep yourself from looking all costumey. Boho in a traditional setting like.....

All-American Style: Western Glam

Oh dear. I'm wearing ombré again. Truth be told, I wore this dress to Steeplechase one year because that's where I go all out Western Glam/Boho rather than Preppy Lady like everyone else. I put a very grown-up and lady-like ombre dress in the July Style Notes - it is more subtle than mine and has a broader appeal. 

All-American Style: Western Glam & Boho

I don't think I'll ever be accused of being boho, and I'm not. All-American? Yes.

Let's face it. Faded bootcut jeans, romantic blouses, crochet skirts and ombré are all considered western and a little boho these days. I've just always considered it my Southern casual cowgirl getting some needed wardrobe time.

Relive some of the magic of your youthful summers this month. The all-American summer is for everyone. It’s filled with lore and romance. After all, “America. It’s not just a good idea.” ~Bono

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Thanks for reading and Barbara, Amy, Deidre and I wish you a happy, happy Fourth Of July!



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