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Are you a numbers person? I most definitely am not. I can't remember sometimes if the number I was supposed to remember was 100 or 1000 - big difference. But I've accepted it about myself, which is why I write everything down! Yet, oddly, I love data. I love reading data and studying data. I get the biggest kick out of looking at the data on what my readers are buying. Don't worry, I can't see who buys what, I just see how many of an item sells on any particular day. And what gets returned - which really helps me with product recommendations. One reason stores like having me bring clients in to shop with them is that they know the rate of return will be close to zero. Whenever I lock down a special deal for my readers and clients, like with Halsbrook, the retailer knows I'm obsessive about what the most popular items are, and the ones that get returned. Data. Fascinating. Soooooo, I've been noticing several items that are hugely popular on my blog, and wanted to give you all one last chance to shop them before they're all gone. And if some are gone by the time you read this, I'm so sorry! Inventory is still disappearing crazy fast. So the lesson is, get it while you can. Also, there's a new Style Guide!


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The Blog's Most Popular Items Right Now - Shop While You Can!

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