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If you're into data analysis, get this. My readers have purchased $5,000 worth of cords and velvet jeans in the first 20 days of October. That represents a ~ 7.8% conversion rate (that's an insanely high number for an "influencer'" which cracks me up because I'm just a friend telling you, my friends, about the good stuff out there 🙂 ). Most of those purchases are from Insiders, who get early access, plus exclusive shopping guides. That's a lot of cords and velvet, considering the average price of a pair is under $100! It's no surprise if you know me, I adore wearing cords and velvet jeans in the Fall and Winter. And I feature what I wear and love so you don't have to spend hours trolling the online sites, dealing with returns (the worst) or maybe even worse, never getting around to making the returns. Guess how many of those roughly 50+ pairs of cords my readers bought have been returned? Only about three. You know why? Because I have a great batting average knowing what you like and want to wear, and want to spend. And when it comes to cords, I actually find them to be more comfy than jeans. They have more give, which is why most women buy the WRONG SIZE cords. With corduroy and velvet, even more than with jeans, you've got to buy them quite fitted. They stretch. A LOT. Trust me on this, my friends, kk? So, how can we keep from looking like an '80's L.L.Bean ad (don't wear them with Wallaby's) or an '80's collegiate bopping around campus in a Grand Wagoneer (no ducks or alligators on your sweaters)? Here's how.

How To Wear Corduroy Like A Lady

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Treat your cords like a pair of casual dressy-ish pants. (To me, cords and velvet jeans are pretty much interchangeable.) Not so casual that you're working in the garden, but not so dressy that you look ridiculous. "Cords and lace" is not a thing (like leather and lace). I'm all for high/low, but cords are casual. I just want you to give them a little more respect than they typically get. Glam? Well, since I'm a fan of western glam, yes. But there are other ways to wear cords, too...all kinds of options to shop below.

Lots of texture - cashmere, stamped silver and velvet flats with cords.


Shop The Look + More Ways To Wear Cords


Inventory is so low this Fall, like it was during the Summer. I'm already working on your Christmas posts so you have what you need before the season arrives and things are already sold out! Thank you so much for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.





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