Tina, here.

When I heard Karl Lagerfeld had passed, I felt an era had ended (so did everyone else in the world). He is probably the most influential designer of a namesake brand who followed a House's original iconic founder, and didn't mess it up. There have been others - Tom Ford at Gucci, Phoebe Philo at Céline. It makes me wonder, no, worry, who will replace Ralph Lauren? I've fretted over this for years. But so far, at Chanel, it looks good for Virginie Viard who has taken the helm. I like her. So we'll see...

But I had to honor Karl. And I bought this. It's like having a Little Black Jacket without taking out a HELOC. I'm considering changing the buttons to some vintage Chanel ones.

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It's a pretty good jacket, don't you think? One your daughters can inherit. For $139 you could buy one for each.

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More Karl To Love

Honor Karl in your heart today.

Je l'aime. Qu'il repose en paix. Vive Chanel!





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